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Mediation and decree in texas

My ex and I went to mediation and settled our divorce case. In Texas, with both attorneys present and a mediator. The mediator wrote down everything we agreed to and we all signed it. My ex's attorney drew up the final papers and submitted them. The papers he submitted addressed all the issues my ex was interested in but errored or left out most issues I had fought for that were agreed to in the signed mediation documents. My attorney dropped the ball (in so many ways) and let the papers go through like this. It was final before I was even aware papers were drafted. My attorney then went back and had certain revisions made on the basis of the mediation agreement without my reviewing them. I never saw either copy of the papers (I never signed anything either). This was several years ago but I am still having issues thrown in my face by my ex because there were still agreements made in the mediation that are not correct in the final decree. What can I do?

Also my attorney's firm had major issues during my divorce and a few months after finalized he stopped billing me and doesn't answer or return calls. Still has a machine answering at his number though.

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Posted on / Mar. 03, 2008 15:04:00

Re: Mediation and decree in texas

Your email is pretty unclear, so I'll do the best I can to answer your questions.

The only signature on the Final Decree that needs to be there is the Judge's.

It is unfortuanate that you did not get the opportunity to review the decree before it went before the Judge.

If you have minor children, you might want to modify the final decree.

However, if the issues were about the property division, you are too late to revise those issues.

You might want to go to the State Bar of Texas website and file a greviance against your attorney.

I hope this information helps.

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