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Estate planning can be a complex and arcane area of law, and one that can vary in many details from state to state. Choose a state from the map or list below for helpful summaries of state-specific estate planning laws, including state laws on living wills, power of attorney, requirements for a valid will, and more.

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  • Details on State Wills Laws
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    The Basics of Wills You can't take it with you when you die, as the old saying goes, but you can decide how your possessions are handled by drafting a will . Wills are legally binding documents that allow you (the testator ) to decide how your belong...

  • State Living Wills Laws

    State living wills laws dictate an individual's rights to decide on health care issues in the event they become incapacitated (i.e. comatose), and health care providers' obligations to honor instructions set forth in a patient's living will. Choose a...

  • State Wills Laws

    State laws on wills outline the circumstances under which a person may legally allow for distribution of property and other assets after their death -- including legal requirements for a valid will, and the legal effect of oral and handwritten wills....

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