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When A Trustee Refuses To Conclude A Meeting Of Creditors - Move To Compel Conclusion
Post On Feb. 03, 2019

The responsibility for concluding or adjourning a S. 341 meeting lies with the Trustee. That responsibility must be carried out and concluded before the date set for objection to the discharge of debtors. The Meeting Of Creditors The Bankruptcy Code provides that "[w]ithin a reasonable time after th...

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Post On Dec. 18, 2015

The Judicial Conference has made significant changes to the Official Bankruptcy Forms. Beginning December 1, 2015, the Official Forms for the Southern District of Florida will be replaced with significantly modified, reformatted and renumbered versions. Financials The changes that will most affect d...

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What is involved in Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
Asked in Los Angeles,  CA Jul. 17, 2014 ,  10 Answers

I am considering filing Chapter 7. What will the attorney ask me, will my bank statements need to be examined, and what happens when you go to Court? Will I need to go before a Judge, or am I interviewed by a Trustee, and how long will I be in Court on my Court day. It all sounds scary, but an optio...

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