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Legal advices on Criminal charges for theft

Federal indictments how long can the investigation last.
Asked in Powder Springs,  GA Jul. 19, 2015 ,  9 Answers

Ok I been investigated since 2011 for a federal crime. Three indictments have taken place for this crime which resulted in a total of 54 people being arrested. It has been a year and 3 months since the last indictment. How long can this go on. Why are they still after me. If they been investigating ...

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Can I make a deal with immigration to stay in the U.S.?
Asked in Orlando,  FL Nov. 19, 2014 ,  10 Answers

Got sentenced to 4yrs in prison with a monetary loss of 400,000$ , cooperated within the year and sentence got reduced to 28 months, currently not a U.S. citizen but have been a permanent resident for 20 years and currently have no detainer ....

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What is the difference between charges 720 ILCS 570/402(c) vs 720 ILCS 5 16 -3(a)
Asked in Chicago,  IL Dec. 23, 2013 ,  4 Answers

what is the actus reus and mens rea differences?...

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Can you be charged with stealing a vehicle if: you were given permission, given keys, etc?
Asked in New River,  AZ Feb. 25, 2012 ,  4 Answers

If you have keys/ permission BUT then owner reports vehicle "stolen"- Can you be charged?...

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Ohio Criminal Law Basics
Post On Mar. 09, 2011

Criminal law is one of the oldest of the major branches of law. It spells out rules of conduct for society to follow and provides for penalties when those rules are broken. The law also protects by shielding citizens from wrongful prosecutions and mistakes made by law enforcement officials, affordin...

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