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Legal advices on DUI and DMV hearings

What can happen when i go to my 2nd dmv hearing and police doesn't show up again?
Asked in Haverstraw,  NY Dec. 26, 2018 ,  3 Answers

Went to a party. Didn't drink any beer or liquor. Had a few cups of punch that was so sweet that i actually had to water down. I felt ok. Hugged the ppl i knew bye. Don't remember getting in my truck. Only waking up in a jail cell. Went to 1st dmv hearing. Police didn't show up. Scheduled for the 2n...

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Does turning yourself in on a FTA warrant before the midnight deadline stop the suspension of your license?
Asked in Reno,  NV Oct. 02, 2018 ,  2 Answers

I have a ticket that slipped through, my fault, I'm in the same court and nothing online, I just moved and found a letter from the DMV. I can't afford to pay it, so, I figured I turn myself in so the DMV won't suspend my license as that's a whole other set of issues....

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For DUI cases, can passing field coordination tests act as evidence for your defense?
Asked in Santa Clara,  CA Jan. 14, 2015 ,  10 Answers

Officer arrived at scene due to call-in from witness about my non-injury collision; no other vehicles were involved. Officer reported odor of alcohol on my breath, and subsequently gave me field coordination tests. The police report shows that I took the horizontal gaze, one leg stand, and line-walk...

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First time dui arrest without visual evidence of driving. Is it possible for my case to be dropped?
Asked in San Bernardino,  CA Oct. 06, 2014 ,  12 Answers

First time dui with a clean record. My car broke down on the freeway, resulting in me having to push it to the side of the road. I stood outside of the vehicle the entire time, waiting for AAA to arrive, when a highway patrol car pulled up behind me. The cop asked me to perform a series of field sob...

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What are my options or best possible outcomes? DUI blood test came back with .13
Asked in Temecula,  CA Oct. 22, 2013 ,  10 Answers

I am a 24 year old female, mother, soon to be college graduate (in Dec 2013), and this was my first DUI offense and my first time ever being in trouble with the law period. The officer had reasonable cause to pull me over due to my tail light being out. I have received the report back with my arrest...

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What to Do, and Not Do, If Stopped for DUI [California]
Post On Jun. 08, 2012

Do not flunk the attitude test ; be civil and polite, because being otherwise will never help you, and it will generally always hurt you in the eyes of the jury and judge. Remember that much of what goes on in the criminal justice system, from cop contact to DA prosecution to judge scolding/punishin...

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