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Legal advices on DUI and restricted license

How do i get my drivers (revoked) back after 2 Dui (s) 6 months apart..15 years ago
Asked in Ann Arbor,  MI Oct. 17, 2018 ,  3 Answers

2 dui 6 months apart, All fees paid, Received inpatient, outpatient, multiple years in AA...

# 1
My 2nd duo was over 10 years ago. Do I still require a blow & go?
Asked in Warren,  MI Oct. 11, 2018 ,  3 Answers

In 2007 I got my second dui, am I still required to have a blow and go on my car....

# 2
First time dui arrest without visual evidence of driving. Is it possible for my case to be dropped?
Asked in San Bernardino,  CA Oct. 06, 2014 ,  12 Answers

First time dui with a clean record. My car broke down on the freeway, resulting in me having to push it to the side of the road. I stood outside of the vehicle the entire time, waiting for AAA to arrive, when a highway patrol car pulled up behind me. The cop asked me to perform a series of field sob...

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