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My fiancee was just demoted from her manager position because she was sick and had brought doctors notes every time ?
Asked in Lake Isabella,  CA Jan. 12, 2019 ,  3 Answers

My fiancee has been getting terribly sick and has had go to the Er multiple times each time she has her doctors notes and the general manager had wrote her up for being sick shortened her hours and is trying to write her up for anything she can...

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I want to start a website. Do I need to comply with ADA laws and what privacy laws apply?
Asked in Miami,  FL Mar. 09, 2015 ,  2 Answers

I have heard that if I have a website that I will need to make it compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); such as have it read the page to the blind. Is that true? Also, what laws apply to privacy? I do not plan to use any tracking cookies, I will have a SSL certificate, and I will...

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Can I successfully stop an ADA settlement In Federal Court between Plaintiff and Owner because it adversely affects my business?
Asked in San Diego,  CA Nov. 19, 2014 ,  1 Answers

ADA lawsuit filed for access violation. Owner and Plaintiff have agreed to cash settlement and a requirement for me, the business owner/operator, to carry two tables up and down stairs daily and set up a bell to ring to serve handicapped patrons. I cannot agree to this because it is dangerous but al...

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Oklahoma DUI Basics
Post On Oct. 05, 2014

The Basics of DUI Defense in Oklahoma ... What to expect, and what can be done about it. First, Stop and Do This Now! First, if you or someone you know has been arrested in Oklahoma for DUI or APC, you only have fifteen days from the date of arrest to request an administrative hearing from the Oklah...

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I am being sued for ADA access by a person who has filed 2 similar lawsuits against similar small business within two years.
Asked in Redwood City,  CA Jun. 21, 2013 ,  3 Answers

I have a small restaurant business, although I have handicap parking, I need to add a ramp. I also need to modify the restroom. I am looking for an experienced lawyer with ADA knowledge and also expereince with this type of lawsuit. Can you recommend anyone? please email me at josofia88@gmail.com...

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Should I File My Employment Discrimination Claim with the EEOC or the ERD?
Post On Mar. 13, 2012

A commonly misunderstood and confusing part of employment law litigation for employees who feel they have been discriminated against in Wisconsin is whether to file their claim with the Wisconsin Equal Rights Division (ERD) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). While both entities w...

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