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Florida Dissolution of Marriage: Mandatory Disclosure - What and Why?
Post On Mar. 30, 2013

Viewed from a personal perspective rather than collectively as a couple, comparing the amount of wealth and assets once shared in marriage relative to what will be your share after asset division can be daunting. What was once thought sufficient to maintain a happy relationship and comfortable lifes...

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Powers of a Florida Guardian with Court Approval
Post On Jul. 05, 2012

Generally Chapter 744 of the Florida Statutes governs guardianships. Florida Statute §744.361 through §744.462, sets out the powers and duties of guardians. However, in typically confusing statutory fashion, not necessarily every power and duty of a guardian is contained within these statutory secti...

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Conflicts of Interest for Florida Guardians
Post On Jul. 05, 2012

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST Guardians owe a fiduciary duty to their wards. A fiduciary duty is one of the highest legal duties one person can owe to another. Therefore, guardians must be very careful to avoid any conflict of interest that would violate the fiduciary duty to the ward. A guardian cannot pro...

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COVID-19: What Estate Planning Documents Should I Have in Place?

An emergency like COVID-19 can make us think about things we typically cast aside for “another day.” Like estate planning. Fortunately, many estate planning attorneys are providing online services and advice. What are the documents that a typical American should have in place to ensure their loved o...

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