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Five Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed
Post On May 15, 2015

Whether you are purchasing a home or have lived in your home for years, it is always recommended to obtain a Survey on your Property. The following are a few reasons for having a Survey completed: RIGHTS OF WAY AND EASEMENTS A Survey will determine whether any rights of way and/or easements are loca...

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5 questions about adverse possession in Washington State
Post On Jul. 11, 2014

A person who holds adverse possession of another person's land for a sufficient period of time becomes the legal owner of that land. Each state has slightly different rules that determine whether title has transferred through adverse possession. This guide is based on the law in Washington State. Wh...

# 2
Analyzing a boundary line dispute.
Post On Apr. 17, 2014

Steps to be taken before you see a lawyer about a boundary line dispute. Step one - investigate the features on the ground. When you learn a neighbor disputes the location of a common boundary with your property start your investigation by searching for survey markers, metal rods in ground, and any ...

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If an area was developed in1950 and there are enchroachments, how is it settled?
Asked in Columbus,  OH Sep. 09, 2013 ,  2 Answers

I have contracted a house in an older area and looked at the county maps. It appears one side is being enchroached on and the other side is enchroaching on the other neighbor. There are no boundary surveys recorded. Where the subject property is being enchroached on is a driveway. Where it is enchro...

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A nanny's liability issues with pool and neighborhood kids always wanting to come over to swim invited or uninvited.
Asked in Malvern,  PA Apr. 22, 2013 ,  10 Answers

As a nanny, I am concerned about the liability issues I could face with as many as eight neighborhood kids coming over to swim either invited or uninvited. I would be interested in some pool rules also that may protect me in this situation ( i.e. just by saying a parent must be with them, am I no lo...

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Mind Your Property Rights
Post On Jul. 19, 2012

Owners of Arizona real estate are often surprised to learn that an individual may be able to acquire title to land by utilizing that land openly, adversely and continuously for a statutory period. In fact, your favorite neighbor can, by occupying your land for a period of time, gain legal ownership ...

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Regarding boundary tree ownership, how is the trunk of a tree defined legally?
Asked in Mercer Island,  WA Mar. 18, 2012 ,  3 Answers

This question pertains to Washington State. We have an old boundary tree that was obviously planted on our property but whose trunk has grown close to the property line. We had the tree surveyed to establish how far from the property line the tree is and the surveyor placed a pin about 12" above the...

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