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Coronavirus. The officials don't care about children under 5. All schools are closed, but daycares keep operating ?
Asked in Rancho Santa Margarita,  CA Mar. 19, 2020 ,  3 Answers

The officials are discriminating and don't care about children under 5. All schools are closed due to coronavirus, but daycares keep operating? Can we sue the Orange County and California officials based on neglecting and fail to protect the youngest generation?...

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A nanny's liability issues with pool and neighborhood kids always wanting to come over to swim invited or uninvited.
Asked in Malvern,  PA Apr. 22, 2013 ,  10 Answers

As a nanny, I am concerned about the liability issues I could face with as many as eight neighborhood kids coming over to swim either invited or uninvited. I would be interested in some pool rules also that may protect me in this situation ( i.e. just by saying a parent must be with them, am I no lo...

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What does "disabled" really mean?
Post On Jan. 04, 2013

People often do not realize that in the legal world, “disability" is a term of art, with a very specific meaning. In fact, it has several different specific meanings, depending on the context. “Disabled" has one meaning for the purposes of the Americans with Disabilities Act, another for the purpose...

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Child Abuse Crimes in Michigan
Post On Mar. 29, 2012

In Michigan there are 4 specific criminal allegations that constitute Child Abuse : Child Abuse in the First Degree - MCL 750.136b(2) - occurs when an individual knowingly or intentionally causes serious physical or serious mental harm to a child. Child Abuse in the First Degree is punishable by up ...

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Depakote, Birth Defects and What Abbott Knew—but Didn't Tell
Post On Aug. 09, 2011

Birmingham, AL : By Jane Mundy If you are taking Depakote and considering getting pregnant, if you are of child-bearing age and taking Depakote, or even more concerning—that you are pregnant and taking this drug , it is very important that you read the following regarding Depakote and the Depakote m...

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