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Vera Bergermann
Vera Bergermann
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Bar #7463(FL)     License for 28 years; Member in Good Standing
Fort Myers FL

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  Hired attorney , anonymous  Apr. 26, 2021
Vera and her staff were amazing right from the moment of consultation. I felt like I was particularly "needy" through out my case and I never was made to feel that way from the Bergermann team. I was always treated as if I were the only client she was dealing with. The knowledge of the letter of the law along with the tenacity and diligent work ethic of this law firm is very evident in how the conduct their business and evident in the successes of the outcomes in their cases. I would highly recommend their services to anyone going through the unpleasantry of divorce. They made an unkind time very bearable, I had very little burden, it was all handled by a very efficient and friendly staff.
  Hired attorney , anonymous  Mar. 17, 2021
Great working relationship
Worked well together to come to agreement, figured out many options to move other side closer to our ultimate needs. Lot’s of experience on the divorce process and possibilities of agreement to satisfy both of us. Great at listening to my specific needs, and giving ideas to compromise where needed. Thank you for taking my complicated situation on and working face to face during a pandemic. It was a very difficult time for me, and I was able to concentrate on my personal issues while Vera dealt with the rest,I will be forever grateful definitely recommended!
  Hired attorney , anonymous  Feb. 24, 2021
Complete Package
Vera and all of her staff were very professional and knowledgeable during a difficult and stressful situation. Their prior experiences helped bring my case to a desired close. I would most definitely recommend Vera and her staff.
  Hired attorney , anonymous  Feb. 09, 2021
Helpful, efficient and easy
I needed Rita to wrap up some loose ends on my divorce. Her team was responsive, thorough and got everything done easily. I know if anything changes I can lean on them again.
  Consulted attorney , anonymous  Jan. 18, 2021
Good Job
Vera is very helpful. I like her style. Very dependable, reliable and knowledgeable.
  Hired attorney , anonymous  Dec. 23, 2020
Excellent service. Great staff. Quick solution. I really recommend. Thank you.
  Hired attorney , anonymous  Dec. 11, 2020
VERY happpy
I was very emotional when my divorce first started. At first I didn't understand how Vera worked. She's very methodical. Once I figured her out a bit I began to be less emotionally charged. She knew how to calm me down without me knowing it. When I first went to her she suggested I see a counselor. She recommended on she works closely with. That was one of the BEST decisions I made. He was great. Everyone Vera suggested I work with was amazing. Vera listened to me, put up with me and got me the divorce I had wanted from the beginning (ex-spouse had his own ideas that didn't pan out for him). She reeled me in MANY times when I needed to be. I highly recommend her. Be patient (if there's ONE thing I learned through my divorce was patience), she will get the job done. Thank you Vera. Things were more pleasant than I could have anticipated. If there's one thing I wish I would have done for MYSELF (and I highly recommend anyone going through a divorce do this) leave the emotions out and let Vera do her job.
  Hired attorney , anonymous  Nov. 24, 2020
Excellent job
Vera and her team successfully helped "right the ship", after my previous lawyer botched my DV case. Following that they helped navigate through a long divorce process during COVID, which wasn't fun for anyone, but I always felt like I was still in good hands. I would definetly recommend Bergermann Law to anyone for Family law matters.
  Hired attorney , anonymous  Sep. 30, 2020

I hired Vera after my first lawyer removed himself from my case. My divorce was very complicated and complex. After reading Vera's reviews, I called for a consultation and hired her. Vera and her staff worked very hard for me to get a resolution with a very difficult and complicated person. Her advise was spot on and helped me get the case settled before having to go into a very costly trial. She was compassionate and worked tirelessly to get the results I desired.

  Hired attorney , anonymous  Sep. 04, 2020
Tired of getting pushed around? Hire Vera and get it done quickly!

As a man we get used to being pushed around in the courts when it gets into child custody battles. Had to fire my previous attorney after dragging out my case for over two years of court and of course attorney fees. One thing after another over and over. As a desperate father of two and many late night prayers I searched and searched endless reviews when fate kept bringing me back to Vera's web page. After her Free Consultation and constant correction I knew I had to hire her! I hired her on the spot. Little did I know, that was the beginning of the end of a long drawn out divorce custody battle that started with another attorney. What my previous attorney couldn't do in this two year process Vera did in month! Yes, one month! I finally got full custody of my two children and moved them to another town where I live. Yes, it was finally me, the man that had the upper hand and was not going to pushed around anymore by and unfit mother trying to take my children along with everything I had and worked hard for. I vouch and Strongly Recommend Vera Bergermann and her Amazing Team that was very efficient and professional. Thank-you again Mrs. Vera as I feel much obliged to give you a great review!

Attorney Endorsements (2)

Timothy Allan McCan, II , Alimony, Child custody, Child support, Divorce and separation, Divorce and separation, Marriage and prenuptials
endorsement on Jun. 29, 2018 Relation Ship: Legal Professional
I endorse Vera. She is knowledgeable, friendly and a pleasure to work with.
I endorse this lawyer.

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