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Legal advices on Property deed

Is this quit claim deed valid if there arent any witnesses?
Asked in Winter Park,  FL May 23, 2014 ,  8 Answers

i ahve a family member that died, and she was on the deed with one of my siblings...it was a quit claim deed executed in 2008. There are no witnesses on it just the grantors signature and a notary signature. I am told that the deed is invalid because there arent any witnesses on it...but i was also ...

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Adverse possession/prescriptive easement?
Asked in Issaquah,  WA Jan. 23, 2011 ,  4 Answers

We are looking at purchasing a parcel that is bisected by a private road. The smaller part that is bisected road, say part B, has an encroachment where a 1/2 of an old/unoccupied home, part of the corresponding lawn and a driveway are located. The remainder of the home and lawn are on the owner's 5 ...

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