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Legal advices on Ending child support

Post On Jan. 02, 2016

The fundamentals of Mississippi divorce law and procedure. Mississippi's Venue and Residency Requirements In Mississippi, divorces are heard in what is known as Chancery Court, which is a carryover from the English judicial system. Each county in Mississippi has its own Chancery Court and the county...

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Do i need permission from the father for a step parent adoption with a child born out of wedlock in Ga ?
Asked in Woodstock,  GA May 09, 2012 ,  5 Answers

The father is listed on the birth certificate in case that matters. Also how long does it take for this kind of adoption in Ga? What if i can't locate the person ? It's been years....

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Child Support In Kansas
Post On Mar. 25, 2011

CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES Kansas has adopted child support guidelines that the court must follow. The main variables that are considered are each parent's gross monthly income, work-related day care costs, and the cost of providing health insurance for the child. Many other factors may be applicable,...

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