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Legal advices on Hearsay in criminal cases

Best way to defend myself against a (radar) speeding ticket?
Asked in Danbury,  CT Jan. 07, 2016 ,  4 Answers

I am due in court at month's end to contest a speeding ticket that I received this past summer. The police officer said that they caught me on radar doing 55 in a 35. It was around midnight with only a few cars on the road and I think the officer had her headlights off. I may have been speeding some...

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If a cop stops you and tells you he stopped for going 35 in a 25 dont I have the right to see the radar that states I was speed
Asked in Williams,  AZ May 10, 2015 ,  5 Answers

Cop pulls me over said I was going 35 in 25 this is after I passed him driving down the street at 300 am with his lightsoff isisnt driving down the street at night with your lights off illegally any way but dont I have the right to see rhe radar...

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Facebook is NOT your Friend (in court that is)
Post On Feb. 03, 2013

The Issue Social media is increasingly being used in both civil and criminal trials. A party's own statements are not hearsay, so as long as they are relevant (not a difficult standard), they are generally admissible. Before we were posting our every thought, feeling, and feud online for everyone to...

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