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Post On Apr. 08, 2015

This article explains the reciprocal nature of the ethical requirements governing all Tax Professionals. It also explains a taxpayer’s rights when confronted with unethical and inappropriate conduct. It then explains the tools available to Tax Professionals to report any ethical violations. Finally,...

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Walgreens & others, denying filling my script. Seems thousands are having this problem.
Asked in Ocala,  FL Dec. 05, 2014 ,  2 Answers

I'm in Ocala, Florida 53, been fully disabled thru sociial security for 12-yrs. Have medicare with Humana supplement policy. I'm not poor, probably considered well off. But, I'm 80% bedridden, especially since not being able to get my scripts filled, due to what they say is walgreens new "good faith...

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Web Site Accessibility – A New Basis For Claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act
Post On May 14, 2013

The Americans with Disabilities Act , the “ADA", applies to places of public accommodation. Until recently courts had consistently dismissed claims that commercial websites were places of public accommodation subject to the Act and thus legally required to be “accessible" to the disabled. Recently, ...

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