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Legal advices on Property line disputes

Five Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed
Post On May 15, 2015

Whether you are purchasing a home or have lived in your home for years, it is always recommended to obtain a Survey on your Property. The following are a few reasons for having a Survey completed: RIGHTS OF WAY AND EASEMENTS A Survey will determine whether any rights of way and/or easements are loca...

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5 questions about adverse possession in Washington State
Post On Jul. 11, 2014

A person who holds adverse possession of another person's land for a sufficient period of time becomes the legal owner of that land. Each state has slightly different rules that determine whether title has transferred through adverse possession. This guide is based on the law in Washington State. Wh...

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Analyzing a boundary line dispute.
Post On Apr. 17, 2014

Steps to be taken before you see a lawyer about a boundary line dispute. Step one - investigate the features on the ground. When you learn a neighbor disputes the location of a common boundary with your property start your investigation by searching for survey markers, metal rods in ground, and any ...

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I started building a house, neighbor is claiming we're building on their property, claiming adverse possession.
Asked in Seattle,  WA Oct. 12, 2013 ,  3 Answers

We built according to the property stakes placed by surveyors. I've been paying taxes on the "disputed land".They said they had a fence before we had purchased the property 9 years ago. Currently there isn't a fence or any sign of an old fence since I've owned it. Can they claim adverse possession? ...

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Wisconsin Adverse Possession and Boundary Disputes with Neighbors
Post On Oct. 19, 2011

Introduction There is a saying that "Good fences make good neighbors." Sometimes, however, those fences can cause disagreement between neighbors. What is adverse possession? Adverse possession, which is the legal term that includes boundary disputes, arises when someone claims ownership of another's...

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Post On Aug. 02, 2011

ADVERSE POSSESSION CLAIMS IN MASSACHUSETTS Many title disputes in Massachusetts arise through the assertion of an adverse possession claim. In Massachusetts, "[t]itle may be acquired by adverse possession only upon 'proof of non-permissive use which is actual, open, notorious, exclusive and adverse ...

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Adverse Possession Lawsuits: Washington State
Post On Apr. 10, 2011

Boundary Disputes For many years, much of my practice has involved advising clients in neighbor disputes. These disputes have involved boundary issues, trespassing and damage claims, restrictions to views, and blocking of easements. While timber trespass (cutting down a neighbor’s tree) cases can be...

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