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Legal advices on Search warrant and criminal charges

Is a bank owned property that is currently on the market subject to police search without a warrant?
Asked in San Fernando,  CA Dec. 29, 2012 ,  2 Answers

The house has been vacant for 4 months, on the real estate market for the past month is it subject to police search without a warrant ar do the same rules that apply to homeowners apply to any squatters that are staying on the property...

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I've Seen the Light-- In My Rear View Mirror-- A guide on what to do when the police pull you over
Post On Sep. 04, 2010

Under What Circumstances Can the Police Pull Me Over? The police need reasonable suspicion of criminal activity to pull you over. It is a very low standard. Simply going over the speed limit by one mile per hour is enough. Almost any traffic infraction will be enough to stop your vehicle. When the p...

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