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Legal advices on Employment law for businesses

Post On Apr. 16, 2020

(PUT YOUR DISTANCING IN WRITING.) 1. Why draft a workplace distancing policy? Oregon Executive Order No. 20-12 requires it. All businesses not otherwise closed by the order are required to establish, implement and enforce social distancing policies. The penalty for not adhering to the order is a cla...

# 1
Protecting Trade Secrets Under Coronavirus COVID-19 Work From Home Policies
Post On Apr. 10, 2020

COVID-19 is having a huge impact on businesses. The government has issued stay-at-home orders. Businesses have also implemented work-from-home policies for employees. These policies, however, may create new challenges for businesses in protecting their confidential information and trade secrets. Int...

# 2
Force Majeure - What It Means For Your Business
Post On Apr. 06, 2020

A force majeure clause discharges certain contractual obligations upon the occurrence of a force majeure event. What obligations are discharged and under what circumstances depend on the language of the specific force majeure clause. What is Force Majeure? A force majeure event is an occurrence that...

# 3
Post On Apr. 08, 2015

This article explains the reciprocal nature of the ethical requirements governing all Tax Professionals. It also explains a taxpayer’s rights when confronted with unethical and inappropriate conduct. It then explains the tools available to Tax Professionals to report any ethical violations. Finally,...

# 4
I want to start a website. Do I need to comply with ADA laws and what privacy laws apply?
Asked in Miami,  FL Mar. 09, 2015 ,  2 Answers

I have heard that if I have a website that I will need to make it compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); such as have it read the page to the blind. Is that true? Also, what laws apply to privacy? I do not plan to use any tracking cookies, I will have a SSL certificate, and I will...

# 5
Are dogs allowed in a public place such as a bar, no food is served
Asked in Yorktown Heights,  NY Feb. 09, 2014 ,  3 Answers

Veterans Club with no more than 6 to 8 patrons on a given night...

# 6
I'm a photographer. Previous things I've researched has not clearly explained anything to me--Am I considered a business?
Asked in Coshocton,  OH Jun. 20, 2013 ,  4 Answers

I live in Ohio, I'm 21 years old, I live with my mother, I'm claimed on my mother's taxes, and I still attend college. The photography (Photo-work) I'm engaged in doesn't have a business name, I work under my own name to display me, I charge service fees per-client I gain from the range of $125.00-$...

# 7
Web Site Accessibility – A New Basis For Claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act
Post On May 14, 2013

The Americans with Disabilities Act , the “ADA", applies to places of public accommodation. Until recently courts had consistently dismissed claims that commercial websites were places of public accommodation subject to the Act and thus legally required to be “accessible" to the disabled. Recently, ...

# 8
What does "disabled" really mean?
Post On Jan. 04, 2013

People often do not realize that in the legal world, “disability" is a term of art, with a very specific meaning. In fact, it has several different specific meanings, depending on the context. “Disabled" has one meaning for the purposes of the Americans with Disabilities Act, another for the purpose...

# 9
Worker Inactivity: the Next Wellness Frontier?
Post On Aug. 25, 2011

Researchers and some employers are using technology to measure the incidence and health impact of worker inactivity due to long periods behind the wheel of a car, or in front of a computer. This article from the online publication MIT Technology Review covers some of the measuring methods in use, in...

# 10
“Participation-Only” Wellness Program Survives ADA Challenge
Post On Jul. 22, 2011

A “participation-only" wellness program established by Florida’s Broward County for its employees survived a class-action challenge by a former employee who refused to participate in the program. Seff v. Broward County , Case No. 10-61437-CIV-MOORE/SIMONSON (S. D. Fla. Apr. 11, 2011). The wellness p...

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