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Legal advices on Traffic fines

Are there plausible arguments against speeding tickets clocked using a speed measuring device?
Asked in Everett,  WA Aug. 01, 2016 ,  4 Answers

I wanted to see if there are arguements that can be used against a speeding ticket. I was on the freeway and was clocked going 80. I dont think I was going that fast. There was a number of other cars around me and it was morning rush hour....

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What record can I request from a police who pulled me over speeding? Can I ask to see the speed on his gun or a print out?
Asked in Fort Lauderdale,  FL Jul. 29, 2015 ,  4 Answers

In Fort Lauderdale, I was traveling 54 MPH (set by cruise control) in a 45 MPH zone. I was expecting to be issued a ticket for going 9 MPH over, which I would have understood as a lesson. However, surprisingly, the police officer said he clocked me at 60 MPH. Knowing this was either a mistake or he'...

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Asked in North Hollywood,  CA May 20, 2015 ,  4 Answers

I have a citation, for which I have already requested and obtained discovery from Highway patrol (its a speeding ticket), I have not been arraigned yet, my arraignment is in July. I am willing to post bail and ask for Trial by Dec Here is my question. When would be the best time for me to file 1385 ...

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How do i get out of a traffic ticket in manhattan/
Asked in New York,  NY Mar. 30, 2015 ,  7 Answers

going 45 mph in a 30 mph zone....

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