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Legal advices on Types of personal injuries

What is typical time a surgery authorization for surgery in ca work comp ?
Asked in Ontario,  CA Dec. 18, 2018 ,  2 Answers

After denying all tests for my elbow injurys the insurance company authorized 2 seperate surgeries as one. They only gave 6 weeks for the surgeries then didnt send the doctor a copy of authorization. Now with 2 weeks left the insurance are pushing for surgery to get done. The doctor is backed up 3 t...

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Bankruptcy Basics in Oregon
Post On Jan. 23, 2016

A brief overview of how filing bankruptcy can help you get a fresh financial start. The Process Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution authorizes Congress to enact "uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies." Under this grant of authority, Congress enacted the Bankruptcy Code in 19...

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What to do if your spouse cheats on you
Post On May 27, 2015

The breakup of a marriage can be one of the most difficult and painful experiences a person can suffer. This pain can be exacerbated by the discovery of a spouse’s infidelity . If you're considering a divorce, learn what steps to take before you confront your spouse. Steps to Take Before Confronting...

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6 Tips for Dealing with an Iowa Distracted Driving Accident Injury
Post On Nov. 08, 2013

Do not confront the other driver. Do not accuse the other driver of anything at the scene of the accident or after the crash. You are unlikely to get any information useful to your case from such a confrontation and you may risk making things more complicated. Do collect evidence at the scene of the...

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7 Common Myths: Military Sexual Assaults (Article 120 UCMJ)
Post On Aug. 02, 2013

Military Sexual Assaults are a hot issue in Congress and with senior commanders. Not surprisingly, a lot of bad information has infected military culture. If you are a military member, you owe it to yourself to know the facts. 1. If some one says they are raped or sexually assaulted, they are tellin...

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A nanny's liability issues with pool and neighborhood kids always wanting to come over to swim invited or uninvited.
Asked in Malvern,  PA Apr. 22, 2013 ,  10 Answers

As a nanny, I am concerned about the liability issues I could face with as many as eight neighborhood kids coming over to swim either invited or uninvited. I would be interested in some pool rules also that may protect me in this situation ( i.e. just by saying a parent must be with them, am I no lo...

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My kid of 2 1/2 years old was bit by a dog on the face. What do I have to do?
Asked in Dallas,  TX Mar. 20, 2013 ,  10 Answers

I did call 911, fire department show up did a report on it also I have a medical record and pictures, the bite ac-cured when passing by going in to grocery store in Plano TX and close by there was a dog adoption campaign in front of a pet store which I had to pass by to go in the grocery store, the ...

# 7
40 Ways to Beat a DUI in Washington State
Post On Oct. 05, 2010

If you have been arrested for DUI or DWI, it is obviously cause for concern--but not for despair. By hiring a quality defense lawyer who can protect your rights, there are a host of ways your case may be defendable. That's why it would be a good idea to consider hiring one of America's Top DUI and D...

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