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Bankruptcy Strategies for Financially Distressed Commercial Tenants During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Post On Apr. 27, 2020

Bankruptcy Strategies for Financially Distressed Commercial Tenants During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond. Bankruptcy Attorney Broward? Call 954-384-6114 Bankruptcy During Covid-19 The current COVID-19 pandemic is presenting numerous challenges for commercial tenants and will continue to do so eve...

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When A Trustee Refuses To Conclude A Meeting Of Creditors - Move To Compel Conclusion
Post On Feb. 03, 2019

The responsibility for concluding or adjourning a S. 341 meeting lies with the Trustee. That responsibility must be carried out and concluded before the date set for objection to the discharge of debtors. The Meeting Of Creditors The Bankruptcy Code provides that "[w]ithin a reasonable time after th...

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The Do's and Don't's for Filing Bankruptcy Without an Attorney
Post On Jan. 25, 2019

For any number of reasons, some bankruptcy filers choose to proceed without an attorney. Below is a list of suggestions to keep you on the right track. The Do's for Filing Bankruptcy Without an Attorney The following is a list of general directions to abide if you are filing your own bankruptcy case...

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What is the Notice of Filing of Report of no Distribution?
Post On May 17, 2017

I am often asked about what a “Notice of Filing Report of No Distribution.” Almost all Chapter 7 debtors will receive such a notice in their Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case. It is an important document that has big implications for your bankruptcy. Asset vs. No-Asset Bankruptcies Some Chapter 7 cases are ...

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Post On Aug. 23, 2016

For many, the filing of a Bankruptcy is the unintended consequence of an unavoidable stressful life event; the loss of a job, illness, divorce and the like. The thought of appearing in a courtroom and speaking about those problems added to the existing strain is enough to induce nausea! In the Great...

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Post On Apr. 21, 2016

A Guide to understanding your Bankruptcy Court Hearing in the Middle District of Georgia, Valdosta & Albany Divisions. Why do I have to go to a hearing? The Bankruptcy Code (11 U.S.C. Sec. 341) requires that everyone who files for bankruptcy protection attend a Meeting of Creditors, which is sometim...

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How to prepare for a 341 Meeting of Creditors
Post On Mar. 25, 2016

In a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, you must attend a “341 meeting," also known as the meeting of the creditors. This meeting typically takes place at a federal building in a meeting room with other debtors, the trustee (who looks over the case.) and in some cases, creditors. Here's how you can prepare...

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What is involved in Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
Asked in Los Angeles,  CA Jul. 17, 2014 ,  10 Answers

I am considering filing Chapter 7. What will the attorney ask me, will my bank statements need to be examined, and what happens when you go to Court? Will I need to go before a Judge, or am I interviewed by a Trustee, and how long will I be in Court on my Court day. It all sounds scary, but an optio...

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