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Green Card Marriage Questions
Post On Aug. 07, 2019

The following green card marriage questions are commonly used by USCIS examiners to determine whether your marriage is real, or if you just got married in order to get a green card. Our best advice is to: 1. Always tell the truth. 2. Keep your answers short. 3. If you are not 100% sure of the answer...

# 1
Five Things You Need To Know About The USCIS Delays Under the Trump Administration
Post On Apr. 25, 2019

AILA Doc. No. 19032730 | Dated March 26, 2019 AILA member Shachar Shawn Malachovsky discussed the top five issues surrounding USCIS delays under the Trump administration. One: Processing times for USCIS cases are delayed: According to a recent AILA Policy Brief, "USCIS Processing Delays Have Reached...

# 2
What can I do to insure I maintain sole custody?
Asked in Prairieville,  LA Jan. 07, 2019 ,  3 Answers

I recently had my daughter and at first did not know who the biological father was. After doing a non legal test against one, I figured out the other is the father. I haven't informed him of the results yet. He had not been around most of the pregnancy and him and his family constantly harrassed me ...

# 3
Can a father petition for paternity without the child's name, dob, or mothers dob?
Asked in Boston,  MA Dec. 30, 2018 ,  2 Answers

My friend started seeing this girl casually. Later he found out she was pregnant. He doesn't know much about her. He only knows her name, age, and I think he might have found her home address online but we're not sure it's hers. They agreed she was going to get an abortion. He broke things off with ...

# 4
Family Law in Nebraska (Part 4)
Post On Apr. 22, 2015

Adoption Adoption is the transferring of parental rights from the biological parents to an adoptive parent or parents. By adopting a child, the adoptive parents assume all the rights and responsibilities they would have had if the child had been born to them. The adoption procedure varies based on f...

# 5
Adoption in Georgia
Post On Aug. 26, 2014

One thing to remember is that laws pertaining to adoption vary widely from State to State. I would never recomment an individual attempting to draft and file a Petition for Adoption themselves. It's a child. Every "T" must be crossed and every "I" dotted. Close enough is tragic in adoption law. I've...

# 6
How do I have my fiance adopt my daughter? What is the process? Any details would be nice.
Asked in Freeport,  IL May 06, 2014 ,  6 Answers

How do I have my fiance adopt my daughter? What is the process? Any details would be nice. Yes, we will be using a lawyer to do all paperwork, but I would still like a thorough idea of what to expect prior to its occurrence. - We will be getting married in two months and currently have other childre...

# 7
My wife wants to change my stepdaughters last name to mine. What process do I have to go through for this?
Asked in Chicago,  IL Nov. 07, 2013 ,  3 Answers

I've raised my stepdaughter since she was 5, now 12. Married 5 years with my undocumented wife. Biological father hasn't and is not around, not listed on birth certificate. Trying to assure custody if anything were to happen to my wife (mostly deportation)....

# 8
Do i need permission from the father for a step parent adoption with a child born out of wedlock in Ga ?
Asked in Woodstock,  GA May 09, 2012 ,  5 Answers

The father is listed on the birth certificate in case that matters. Also how long does it take for this kind of adoption in Ga? What if i can't locate the person ? It's been years....

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