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Legal advices on Copyrights

Good day, I have a copyright issue and I need some advise.
Asked on Jun. 22, 2020 ,  2 Answers

Good day, I have an ecomerce platform and recently got an email about the use of a copyrighted image from a company called pixsy. I was unaware that the image was copyrighted and immediately removed it but after re-reading their message removal is not enough. They require payment to the approx sum o...

# 2
Copyright/trademark rights.
Asked in Williamstown,  NJ Jun. 22, 2020 ,  1 Answers

My son built a kart that he was killed in. The kart was sold for scraps. I am starting a foundation of which images and logo of said kart will be created and used along with two phrases he would often use. I would like to have them trademarked/copyrights yet not sure if my sons wife would have any r...

# 3
I want to open a sub shop that has the name Gremlin Grub Stop. Gremlins* seems to be trademarked by warner bros. issues?
Asked in Plymouth,  MA Jun. 19, 2020 ,  1 Answers

would i need permissions...

# 4
I would like to show my video analysis of propitchers in a certification and continuing ed course. Can I do this legally
Asked in Oxford,  MI Jun. 19, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I am creating a continuing education program and certification for strength and conditioning coaches and rehabilitation professionals on training and rehab of the throwing athlete. I would like to show video analysis of voiceover style videos featuring professional pitchers to demonstrate proper tec...

# 5
6340334 patentIs there anyway to check if products out today are anything close to our patent?
Asked in San Pedro,  CA Jun. 18, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I did see a couple manufactures last year that make portable boxing rings, don’t know if that would be close to our design? Maybe just improved idea?? Let me know if you have any interest Thanks...

# 6
Can someone use a trademarked word in part or in a different way. For example, Mordor is a fictional place in
Asked in Fuquay Varina,  NC Jun. 17, 2020 ,  1 Answers

Lord of the rings series. Could I create a business with the name Mordor Entertainement? Or part of a name that is tradmarked? Thorin Oakenshield is trademarked, could I use Oakenshield Entertainment?...

# 8
Hi, I’m a designer and I have a client who wants me to make them a logo for their future company. However Cont.
Asked in Buena Park,  CA Jun. 17, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I think the Idea of using elements of an existing trademarked logo from another company may cause them some legal issues if they purse taking elements from another company’s logo...

# 9
Hi! I'm publishing a book soon, and I want to call it "The Real Bro Code". I can see that "The Bro Code" is trademarked
Asked on Jun. 16, 2020 ,  1 Answers

Am I allowed to use The Real Bro Code since it's a different title but consists of the same words? I know that there is another completely different book called Bro Code (without the 'the')...

# 10
I want to start my own clothing line ‘Marshall Clothing’ my middle name= ‘Marshall’ Will I get sued by Marshall Amps?
Asked on Jun. 16, 2020 ,  1 Answers

My middle name is Marshall and I want to use it for my clothing brand “Marshall Clothing” I have checked trademark databases and the phrase ‘Marshall Clothing’ is not registered. However, I realised that the word ‘Marshall’ is highly associated with the company “Marshall Amplifications” Is my brand ...

# 11
Is the word trademarked “GirlDad” the same as using Girl Dad with a space in between?
Asked in Arlington,  TX Jun. 16, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I made a shirt with the word “GirlDad” Would I be able to make same shirt by adding a space in between? Example: “Girl Dad”...

# 12
Assuming that a story itself is protected by copyright, does that also apply character names, quotes, etc. in the story?
Asked in Beloit,  WI Jun. 15, 2020 ,  1 Answers

Are you allowed to re-use a small percentage of a protected work?...

# 13
Is it illegal to name a eyeshadow palette after a copyright song ?
Asked in Riverside,  CA Jun. 15, 2020 ,  1 Answers


# 14
I found product patented by someone & HIS supplier already sells it in bulks.is it Legal to buy & sell it on Amazon US?
Asked on Jun. 15, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I will not use trade mark, but the product design itself is patented .. it is sold publicly on AliBaba and it is the same supplier that provides him with it .....

# 15
Is it legal to use someone else art as an ASSET of an app you're developing with crediting them in a license section?
Asked in Royal Oak,  MI Jun. 12, 2020 ,  1 Answers

Like I want to develop this app which is like the Pokemon Dex but for anime characters and I can't draw and even if I could, it would be technically using the art from the anime character creator. I want to monetize it so I am able to upgrade the backend as the character's info is with help from the...

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I'm an American but live overseas. I've been threatened with a copyright lawsuit from an Attorney in the USA.
Asked on Jun. 12, 2020 ,  1 Answers

Would they have to serve me here in Germany to proceed, and would I have to go to the States to respond? I have a U.S. business mailing address but am a legal resident of Germany. The second part of the question is that through my research their 'client' might not actually own the copyright on the p...

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