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I am making a video game, and everything in it was made by our team. How would I purchase a copyright to protect it?
Asked in Sumrall,  MS Jun. 15, 2020 ,  1 Answers

This video game contains art, music, code, and scenarios that were made between five different people. We want to put this video game on an online store and sell it to make a profit, but we also want to purchase a copyright to protect it from being pirated/tampered with and reproduced. Everyone in o...

# 1
Can I sue a scam app???
Asked in Valrico,  FL May 28, 2020 ,  1 Answers

If an app advertises winning real money, and they really don’t pay out to anybody, would that be a good reason to sue for false advertising. Especially if someone spent money on in game purchases and got nothing out of it?...

# 2
I pre-ordered something and was only told by the end of the month that the order was pushed back
Asked in Colorado Springs,  CO May 12, 2020 ,  1 Answers

nvm disregard...

# 3
This is not a question in itself, just a reply to Mrs./Ms. Barbara Berschler.
Asked on May 06, 2020 ,  1 Answers

This was Mrs./Ms. Berschler's reply to my question on copyright and public domain books from the 19th century and from before that: "Just a thought to add to Mr. Watson's excellent answer to your question, and that is how do you intend to portray the books on the shelves appearing in the game and th...

# 4
How to inquire about an individual's intent to sell goods/services in order to discover if I might infringe a trademark?
Asked in Keene,  TX Apr. 30, 2020 ,  2 Answers

I have been developing a video game for more than a year now. Early on, I did a google and TESS search for any similar products, in the same class, with the same name. Nothing existed at that time, but I neglected to register a trademark for the name. Searching this time around, there still isn't a ...

# 5
Can I use parts identical to LEGO parts (non-patented/expired) in a commercial virtual reality game?
Asked in Athens,  GA Apr. 25, 2020 ,  1 Answers

The parts are sourced from an online community (LDraw.com) that models the LEGO parts in 3D attempting to digitally archive the LEGO parts, so they are as close to the original as possible. I am attempting to create a virtual reality game where these parts can be built in a similar way (but in a nov...

# 6
If someone sells a fake cheat program (say, for a video game) to a cheater, could they technically sue for false advert?
Asked in Los Angeles,  CA Apr. 21, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I was watching a YouTube video where a programmer created a cheat software, but instead of it helping the player cheat, it actually punishes the cheater instead. (I'll post the link below, if you're curious about watching it. Pretty entertaining if you play PUBG) Someone in the comments said that th...

# 7
Are there any legal issues with running an online trivia game as a fundraiser?
Asked in Marshfield,  WI Apr. 08, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I am an employee of a tax-exempt Catholic Parish in Wisconsin. I am considering doing a series of trivia nights through an online platform during COVID-19. These would be to raise money for the youth group, the mission club, etc. There would be an entry fee paid by credit card or debit card online, ...

# 8
Is it legal to play video games with a teacher online? In New York
Asked in New York,  NY Apr. 08, 2020 ,  1 Answers


# 9
My company makes games for its benefit. Others buy/download our games. Would we use a trade or servicemark for our brand
Asked in Orlando,  FL Apr. 07, 2020 ,  2 Answers

Unsure if I should use Class 09 or Class 42 for my company's brand name. Is making the video games I want to make, but then selling and/or offering them to be played by others considered a service for others?...

# 10
I had my cruise control on 63. The police officer said I was going 72 according to the radar gun. Could radar be wrong
Asked in Dallas,  TX Mar. 26, 2020 ,  1 Answers

According to the radar gun I was going 72 in a 60. I had my cruise control on 63 going uphill. So i got a ticket for speeding. I also had a passenger in the car and the officer put on the ticket i had no passenger. He also put my wrong address down on the ticket. Could I take the ticket to court to ...

# 11
We are indie game developer from Egypt, we have issue with HASBRO the holder of Monopoly trademark?
Asked on Feb. 22, 2020 ,  2 Answers

Hello, we little startup game developers located in Egypt we had android app on Google Play Called "MONOPOLY LITE" and it is different from Monopoly. Hesbro lawyer reported copyright MONOPOLY, US, 0326723 Google Play Destroyed our startup business for this claim we asked local Lawyer and after study...

# 13
Suing a game for fraud or getting back my payments!
Asked in Marina Del Rey,  CA Dec. 13, 2019 ,  1 Answers

Hello! I have played a game(Brutal Age) from 2019-01-31 And have spent $45647 on this game! This game is simply not as advertised. The first 6 to 10 months were great imo. Been down hill for a while now. I’ve found that Chinese players cheated on this game and buy packs 0.1% what normal players buyi...

# 14
What legal issues are there to cloning a game and "reskinning" it, akin to how monopoly clones exist everywhere?
Asked in Boone,  NC Oct. 15, 2019 ,  2 Answers

DaVINCI EDITRICE S.R.L., VS. ZIKO GAMES, LLC, et al., in CIVIL ACTION NO. H-13-3415 cited a card game's mechanics aren't protected, I'm looking - quite literally - to copy a card game (as the defendant in the cited case) that is no longer in production by reskinning the game and removing protected t...

# 15
I am looking to take money from outside investors and bet on sports based on an algorithm I created. Is it legal in PA?
Asked in Philadelphia,  PA Oct. 15, 2019 ,  1 Answers

There is a law in Nevada that allows this type of business model, however I am located in PA and was wondering if there was a way to make this work from here. I would receive money from investors, and place bets strictly off of my algorithm with no input whatsoever from the investors. I would charge...

# 16
Property was seized during a search. I was arrested, no charges were filed. How do get my property.
Asked in North Hollywood,  CA Sep. 24, 2019 ,  1 Answers

No search warrant was given , detained w out Miranda rights . Personal items taken ,money, ID , family gifts. Damage to my house, and they asked for someone else before entering and searching my home. 8 machines slot machines that where off unplugged not in use in a room no money confescated or peop...

# 19
Good Morning, What type of required licenses are required for starting an online business that may come under gambling?
Asked in Miami,  FL Jul. 30, 2019 ,  1 Answers

I am orginally from the UK and had this business idea for over two years now I see alot of people online doing this method illegally (well in the UK you need a license to do this). I want to start a business to host these methods legally the business may come under gambling as it would be a hosting ...

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