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I want to start my own clothing line ‘Marshall Clothing’ my middle name= ‘Marshall’ Will I get sued by Marshall Amps?
Asked on Jun. 16, 2020 ,  1 Answers

My middle name is Marshall and I want to use it for my clothing brand “Marshall Clothing” I have checked trademark databases and the phrase ‘Marshall Clothing’ is not registered. However, I realised that the word ‘Marshall’ is highly associated with the company “Marshall Amplifications” Is my brand ...

# 2
Adding a new member to a single-member LLC
Asked in Centreville,  VA May 25, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I established a single-member LLC in California in 2018. Now, I would like to add another member to this LLC by giving him 50% of the ownership. I already received a new EIN from IRS for this two-member LLC. Now the question is what form do I need to file on California State's website? Do I need to ...

# 3
Hello, I am a business owner. I want to know if bankruptcy is an option for me.
Asked in Hinsdale,  IL May 18, 2020 ,  2 Answers

I am a banquet hall business owner. My bank has refused to give me relief on mortgage payments because I was already behind 2 payments due to the increase in property taxes in the county. The bank has filed for foreclosure during covid and intends to appoint a receiver in June 2020. At this point, I...

# 4
Good Morning, What type of required licenses are required for starting an online business that may come under gambling?
Asked in Miami,  FL Jul. 30, 2019 ,  1 Answers

I am orginally from the UK and had this business idea for over two years now I see alot of people online doing this method illegally (well in the UK you need a license to do this). I want to start a business to host these methods legally the business may come under gambling as it would be a hosting ...

# 5
When filing for bankruptcy on an LLC. If the owners were given a salary. Will they be required to pay it back.
Asked in Reidsville,  NC Aug. 01, 2018 ,  1 Answers

No personal guarantee was signed....

# 8
Just received confirmed Ch 13.plan and BK atty won't definitively answer questions regarding what is allowed now
Asked in Ocala,  FL Apr. 08, 2018 ,  1 Answers

Specifically, I am limited to 10k monthly income. Can I have an S Corp that retains earnings such that my 1040 income remains at 10k? Can I buy a home? Don't own one....

# 9
How can I start a business online with 50 people from around the world?
Asked on Feb. 17, 2018 ,  1 Answers

Live in Toronto, Canada. Founded an independent video game studio communicating online and file-sharing. Many are in USA, but people help from countries all over Earth. "Staff" information is together, but I wonder what is possible in terms of a company. We create intellectual property and need non-...

# 10
How often can bk be filed? Gen Part of LP filed Chap 7, five years later the LP files Chap 11, what's next & when?
Asked in San Mateo,  CA Sep. 19, 2017 ,  1 Answers

A General Partner (GP) of a CA Limited Partnership (LP) filed for personal bk, Chap 7, and the LP was listed as a co-debtor. All claims discharged including many from the LP. Fast forward five years, the LP is now in Chapter 11, with the GP threatening to also file bk personally once more. How does ...

# 11
Should my mortgage company foreclose my house if I filed for bankruptcy and informed them about it with my case #?
Asked in Houston,  TX Aug. 03, 2017 ,  1 Answers

In Texas, if I filed for bankruptcy, informed my mortgage company about it with my case # and got jailed for a different reason before the bankruptcy got concluded, should it be in effect or should my mortgage company foreclose my house? Do I have any legal option if the mortgage company foreclosed ...

# 12
Terms of payment of the corporation's claim
Asked on May 05, 2017 ,  2 Answers

What are terms of fines payments for corporations? For example: Court says: Corporation X must pay 100 millions to Corporation Y as fine. What are terms of payment for Corporation X? Will corporation Y get full amount? How will it pay: 100 mln at once or piece by piece? Is there any standard? Or eac...

# 13
If a ch 7 personal bankruptcy filer has capital contributions to an LLC or an S Corp, how should it be noted?
Asked in Des Moines,  IA Mar. 07, 2017 ,  3 Answers

Should that be as a loan to the company or a capital account? Is one better than the other in a chapter 7? Contributions were made a long time ago....

# 14
If one files for personal Ch 7 bankruptcy, do the past capital contributions to an LLC or S Corp get affected?
Asked in Secaucus,  NJ Mar. 02, 2017 ,  1 Answers

If one files for personal Ch 7 bankruptcy, do the past capital contributions to an LLC or S Corp get affected? Capital Accts? Owner's equity, etc? I'm aware their units or shares may be affected. But I'm curious if capital accounts or owner's equity is an asset they can try and claw back from the bu...

# 15
Should I report a corporation filing Chapter 7 and hiding its main asset in a US shell LLC & has also commingled funds?
Asked in Denver,  CO Jul. 15, 2016 ,  1 Answers

I learned my former employer will be filing Chapter 7 for his privately-owned corporation mainly because of (unsecured) judgments against it. It has very few assets other than the office building it owns which has about $500k of equity. The building was always the property of a US shell LLC whose re...

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