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Ethan Andrew Way
Ethan Andrew Way
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Does my 50/50 timesharing stop because of COVID?
Asked on Mar. 23, 2020 ,  2 Answers


I currently have an open custody case in Florida. The mother and I split our child 20 days mother and 20 days Father because the mother moved to North Carolina during the case. Final trial has been moved for a second time with no date set yet.

When I went to pick up my son in NC, the Mother refused to meet me at the exchange location due to the COVID virus. My lawyer filed an emergency motion that same afternoon while I was still in NC but the next morning the courts closed in Broward. Since last week the mother has refused to respond as to when she will make our child available and her attorney continues to say she has gotten no response from the mother.

The GAL in the case has been insistent with Mothers attorney about my timesharing beginning immediately.

What can I do?

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Father has two weeks during summer ?
Asked on Mar. 23, 2020 ,  1 Answers

The father and I have the alternate weekend parenting plan. During summer he has two consecutive weeks with our 8 year old son. We mediated and agreed that he may split those two weeks to one at a time. Our order says we follow the regular schedule (alternate weekend) during summer as well. He may select the two weeks of his choice. He is wanting to select both of his “split two weeks” to begin both on my weekends so that he has 5 weekends in a row. I don’t see this right. We follow the alternate schedule during summer and weekends with our son are important to me just as much and I would not agree to giving them up so he can have 5 weekends in a row. My ex is a VERY conflictive person and can not co parent. I have asked for clarification on this but the courts are currently closed. I understand I lose my weekend if he gets his two weeks consecutive. But to have 5 weekends in a row doesn’t seem right. Before this causes a huge problem with summer coming, can I get an advice please? Thank you

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