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Can A Defective Notice To Appear Be “Perfected”?
Post On Jun. 18, 2019

In June 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark 8-1 decision in Pereira v Sessions holding that a Notice to Appear (NTA) in Immigration Court which does not state the date and time of the hearing is a defective Notice to Appear and does not give the Immigration Court jurisdiction over a case....

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Removale in Absentia and Bar period
Asked in Chicago,  IL May 22, 2017 ,  4 Answers

I had Pending Asylum but I left USA before my master calendar hearing in court. How many years of bar will I have? I was out of status for about 5 months in My F1 Visa before I filled Asylum, Could you please let me know How many years of bar would apply for me to reenter the US?...

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Top 6 Areas of Possible Relief for Clients Facing Reentry Charges After Deportation
Post On Jan. 10, 2016

Persons charged with reentry following a deportation or removal often assume that they will simply be deported again and that there is no use fighting their deportation. However, relief may be available in a surprising number of cases, and I am listing six key areas of possible relief below. Did err...

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How A FOIA Request Can Win Your Asylum Case
Post On Dec. 14, 2013

Asylum hearings in Immigration Court are among the more difficult processes. The basic role of the government attorney is to find the pitfalls in the applicant's case. Thus, It is essential to hire an experienced attorney who will explain the weaknesses of the case BEFORE the hearing. Asylum Officer...

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Persecution: In the Eyes of the Immigration Judge or Officer
Post On Jun. 26, 2013

Does a death threat amount to persecution? We have all heard the expression that “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder." Well, for asylum cases, persecution lies in the eyes of the immigration judge or officer. The conflicting decisions by courts around the country make it difficult to determine w...

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US asylum law for Chinese Nationals by Nicklaus Misiti, Esq.
Post On May 23, 2012

This article discusses general asylum law with a particular focus on some common claims from China. To be granted asylum in the United States the applicant must show they have a “well founded fear of persecution" if returned to their home country. Generally asylum has to be claimed within 1 year of ...

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Asylum in Immigration Court - Coercive Population Control Asylum
Post On Oct. 21, 2011

Nikki Mehrpoo Jacobson Attorney at Law / Professor of Law email@nikkijacobson.com THE JACOBSON LAW FIRM, APC Immigration & Nationality ǀ Workers' Compensation 510 West 6th St. Suite 326 Los Angeles , CA 90014 (310) 277-2266 (310) 277-3366 FAX Los Angeles Immigration Lawyers - Free Consultation www.t...

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Post On Aug. 02, 2010

Find A USCIS Office To find your local USCIS office, please visit the following links: Field Offices (within the United States) handle scheduled interviews on non-asylum related applications. They also provide limited information and customer services that supplement those we provide through our web...

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