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Seeking reconsideration of denied "Pereira" MTT under Lorenzo Lopez precedent.
Post On Jul. 20, 2019

New precedent Lorenzo Lopez v. Barr, No. 15-72406 May 22, 2019 (9th Cir. 2019) allows to move the BIA to reconsider denial of "Pereira" motion to terminate for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction. This precedent expressly held, that Pereira overruled Popa, - something the BIA pretends not to see. Sa...

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Can A Defective Notice To Appear Be “Perfected”?
Post On Jun. 18, 2019

In June 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark 8-1 decision in Pereira v Sessions holding that a Notice to Appear (NTA) in Immigration Court which does not state the date and time of the hearing is a defective Notice to Appear and does not give the Immigration Court jurisdiction over a case....

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Where can I find my deportation record that is 30 years old?
Asked in Bellevue,  WA Dec. 17, 2016 ,  3 Answers

In 1987 I was here in the US on a B1B2 visa and my 6 month stay on the I-94 had expired. I didn't know that it had expired until I was arrested in Blaine, Washington trying to go to Canada to visit. I was detailed, ended up in front of a judge. I was given the option of voluntary deportation, and I ...

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Asked in Los Angeles,  CA Aug. 06, 2016 ,  3 Answers


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How A FOIA Request Can Win Your Asylum Case
Post On Dec. 14, 2013

Asylum hearings in Immigration Court are among the more difficult processes. The basic role of the government attorney is to find the pitfalls in the applicant's case. Thus, It is essential to hire an experienced attorney who will explain the weaknesses of the case BEFORE the hearing. Asylum Officer...

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Persecution: In the Eyes of the Immigration Judge or Officer
Post On Jun. 26, 2013

Does a death threat amount to persecution? We have all heard the expression that “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder." Well, for asylum cases, persecution lies in the eyes of the immigration judge or officer. The conflicting decisions by courts around the country make it difficult to determine w...

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Asylum in Immigration Court - Coercive Population Control Asylum
Post On Oct. 21, 2011

Nikki Mehrpoo Jacobson Attorney at Law / Professor of Law email@nikkijacobson.com THE JACOBSON LAW FIRM, APC Immigration & Nationality ǀ Workers' Compensation 510 West 6th St. Suite 326 Los Angeles , CA 90014 (310) 277-2266 (310) 277-3366 FAX Los Angeles Immigration Lawyers - Free Consultation www.t...

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