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How do I know if I have a case for legal malpractice?
Asked in Rock Island,  IL Jun. 14, 2020 ,  1 Answers

My son had a firm looking into a medical malpractice case for him. They had the case since August of 2018. Their nurses sent us a letter stating he has a case and just needed a specialist on board. Long story short, they drug their feet, very little contact with my son and just 2 days ago told him h...

# 1
I suffered burns and disfigurement (scarring) from my knees down on both my legs after a cosmetic laser session
Asked in Rochester,  MI Jun. 10, 2020 ,  1 Answers

This was a final treatment after 12 years of medical care on other issues to remove unsightly veins on both legs. How do I go about finding a medical negligence attorney to take my case. I have major anxiety over showing my legs now and swelling when on my feet for periods of time. I had 12 years of...

# 2
My attorney created a fictitious document to replace one on file and then submitted without client knowledge or consent.
Asked in Jackson,  NJ May 25, 2020 ,  1 Answers

My attorney created a new fictitious QDRO and submitted it to the opposing party and State for approval without the consent or knowledge of the client. I had already provided them with an approved copy - post-judgement. It is further complicated because my ex liquefied her pension post-judgement (su...

# 4
Can you get in legal trouble for signing someone up for a church with their email and phone number?
Asked in New York,  NY May 24, 2020 ,  1 Answers

The context is that they are angry....

# 5
Florida pain doc. His ARNP is forcing me that I either get a pain pump or a spine stimulator implant. Is this legal?
Asked in Belleview,  FL May 24, 2020 ,  1 Answers

The docs ARNP is forcing me to get the pain pump or the spinal stimulator implanted or cut me as a patient. I don't want anything inserted surgically when the pill that they give me is working. Can they legally force me to have one or the other surgically done? I feel like this is a crime? Who can I...

# 6
My father pass Away in 2007 and I've been trying to find a will or any information ever since my brother will not give m
Asked in Seattle,  WA May 17, 2020 ,  1 Answers

My father passed away from asbestosis he had a will and they will not give me info on estate. My brother and step mom. We also had a wrongful death suit which they tried to keep me out of also but were told they could not to move forward . My father passed in 2007 I just recently received a very str...

# 7
what can i do about being billed for a court appearance that my lawyer did not attend?
Asked in Salt Lake City,  UT May 15, 2020 ,  1 Answers

we hired an attorney to write three amendments to a living trust. my mother was on her death bed and the attorney was out of town so he instructed us to see his paralegal and give her the instructions and he would meet with us at 8:30 am the following tuesday for her to sign the papers and then he w...

# 8
This company failed to put warnings on packaging. Can I and should I sue the company. How do I sue the company?
Asked in Palatine,  IL May 10, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I decided to get a face mask while i was at the store. I put the mask on and it started burning and stinging. Apparently I'm allergic to it since my whole face is blotchy, red, and swollen for over 2 hours now. The product has no allergic reaction warnings. The product also does not inform what to d...

# 9
Can a counseling private practice sue you if some of the clients you see insist on following you to receive counseling s
Asked in San Antonio,  TX May 08, 2020 ,  1 Answers

services at another location?...

# 10
Info on Noe Mejia Calderon his ethics and moral standards
Asked in Burbank,  CA May 06, 2020 ,  2 Answers


# 11
Is it legal to drink alcohol and shoot targets on my own private property in ga.
Asked in Atlanta,  GA Apr. 17, 2020 ,  1 Answers

Not that I’m going to or want to I just started thinking wow I’ve had a long week at work I think imma have a few beer when I get off but then I thought oh yeah I need to adjust my scope and that’s how I come up with the question . But I was just wondering say I had a few beers and been shooting tar...

# 12
If a private person without a corporation is coerced into filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, when it's not even necessary,
Asked in Cerritos,  CA Jan. 10, 2020 ,  3 Answers

My friend was sued, paid $10,000.,got an attorney who then passed the case over to another attorney friend, who told my friend she needed to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy and ask for $35,000. retainer. My friend didn't want bankruptcy, has no corporation, but has assets in real estate. June 11,2019 the...

# 14
My brothers body was desecrated by a local mourtuary before he was to be creamated the owner had passed assuming he w
Asked in Susanville,  CA Nov. 20, 2019 ,  1 Answers

Upon further investigation by local sheriffs and state funeral and burial bureau they had closed the case 9 months later they recovered his body only due to the smell cause refrigeration had broke down I want to know if I have a case againts the sheriff's department and the state for neglagents and ...

# 15
Can a Florida spouse/POA/ PR be sued to recover inheritances after estate admin closed?
Asked in Philadelphia,  PA Oct. 10, 2019 ,  1 Answers

If illegal/egregious actions by stepmother/POA/PR were recently learned of by daughter beneficiaries, and estate admin was closed August, 2018, do we have options to sue or recover estate assets (money)? (Date of death 5/2017) One of several issues involves fathers long-time advisor. Investment firm...

# 16
Can my friend 20 year old be with a 15 year old legally? She lied about her age and said she was 18. Her dad found out.
Asked on Aug. 22, 2019 ,  1 Answers

The dad wants to press charges against my friend. She was completely okay with the relationship. And gave her consent. But she lied about being 15 and said she was 18. He didn’t know until the dad reaches out and said she was only 15 and is demanding to be paid $4200 for the damages the little girl ...

# 17
Nashville, Tn. Received a summons for court in Dec. 2018 from Law firm that is a debt collector for Target.
Asked in Salisbury,  NC Mar. 08, 2019 ,  1 Answers

Court date is in 3 more business days, what are my options as I have a lot of debt in collections...

# 18
legal compensation for wrong defendant ?
Asked on Mar. 07, 2019 ,  1 Answers

BK case no: 11-43424-CJP, BAP No: MW19-016...

# 19
I received a letter in the mail today that threatened legal action for a debt.
Asked on Feb. 18, 2019 ,  1 Answers

I received a letter in the mail today that threatened legal action for a debt from over 5 years ago. The debt is from when I lived in Maryland. I have not lived there for the last 5 years. I've been living in North Dakota. The debt is for $9,000 and is the result of having been evicted when I was li...

# 20

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