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Legal advices on Product liability and personal injury

We have a Jeep that is less than 2 years old that we have now sunk about $6,000 in repairs. What is our recourse?
Asked in Pinehurst,  NC Jun. 17, 2020 ,  1 Answers

There was a recall on the clutch and we fixed that issue before the recall and are trying to get reimbursed. The same issue has happened though on top of other issues. The car is used to and from work and normal use. It is only about 18 months old and we have sunk about $6,000 repairs on a brand new...

# 3
Should I sign a waiver that says including, but in no way limited to, claims of negligence?
Asked in Gettysburg,  PA Jun. 10, 2020 ,  1 Answers

HEREBY DO RELEASE (Company) its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, agents, representatives and insurers (“Releasees”) from any causes of action, claims, or demands of any nature whatsoever including, but in no way limited to, claims of negligence, which I, my heirs, representatives, executo...

# 4
Hello, i am wondering if i should pursue legal action, due to my weeks of stomach sickness from eating cheetos.
Asked on May 30, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I have had weeks of stomach pain and other issues along wjth them, including vomitting and other issues, I reached out to my family doctor about these issues twice now, and now after eating these, Sweet chili heat flamin hot cheetos, I am going to need multiple scans done to determine the damage don...

# 6
I bought a used car the guy assured me there was nothing major was wrong
Asked in Sacramento,  CA May 30, 2020 ,  1 Answers

he assured me Nothing major was wrong with the vehicle. I had no one to check the car out for me I'm single mother of two young children, saved up because I needed a car and 1 months later the transmission is out I believe he knew the transmission was going out and did not tell me is there anything ...

# 7
Can I sue a scam app???
Asked in Valrico,  FL May 28, 2020 ,  1 Answers

If an app advertises winning real money, and they really don’t pay out to anybody, would that be a good reason to sue for false advertising. Especially if someone spent money on in game purchases and got nothing out of it?...

# 8
Can I rebottle a brewery's bulk hand sanitizer into smaller sizes (2oz, 5oz, etc.) and sell to biz's with permission?
Asked in Chapel Hill,  NC May 27, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I talked to a brewery about buying their WHO 80% Alcohol Formula in bulk and selling it to businesses within the triangle area in NC. I want to see what legal issues there may be and how to avoid getting into trouble. My email to the brewery was: "Good morning! I was wondering what your pricing rate...

# 9
I pre-ordered something and was only told by the end of the month that the order was pushed back
Asked in Colorado Springs,  CO May 12, 2020 ,  1 Answers

nvm disregard...

# 10
This company failed to put warnings on packaging. Can I and should I sue the company. How do I sue the company?
Asked in Palatine,  IL May 10, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I decided to get a face mask while i was at the store. I put the mask on and it started burning and stinging. Apparently I'm allergic to it since my whole face is blotchy, red, and swollen for over 2 hours now. The product has no allergic reaction warnings. The product also does not inform what to d...

# 11
Someone opening accounts in my name
Asked in Lawrenceville,  GA Mar. 07, 2020 ,  3 Answers


# 12
Can my parents take my phone
Asked in Cumberland,  MD May 01, 2019 ,  1 Answers

Can my parents take my phone if I am 15 and I bought the phone under my own name and with my own money. If they take it away is that stolen prop...

# 14
Is there a way my boyfriend can ask to be seen by a judge to lower the bail(which is extremely excessive for his crime)
Asked in San Diego,  CA Apr. 15, 2019 ,  2 Answers

I heard that there is. Way that you can be seen by the majestrate within 12 hours of arrest to re evalute the bond and bail out with cash. He is homeless. So one hundred thousand dollars is quite excessive for stealing water and fruit to survive...

# 16
What do i do against someone who has taken my money and gotten my account banned after threathening/blackmailing me.
Asked on Mar. 29, 2019 ,  1 Answers

I bought something online a service in a game, got only half and when i got hald i made an issument to paypal about it. I then get a threat that i wil get my account banned or locked meaning i cant acces my gamel So what has happen dis that iv ended up loosing my game and they have taken my money. W...

# 17
I've been renting a washer and dryer from Aarons it was 700.00 brand new and ive been paying 78.00 month for 14 months
Asked in Park Hills,  MO Feb. 07, 2019 ,  1 Answers

And now they are tring to take it and day we stole it when i added up at least 1092.00 on a 700.00 bill how is that right please help me out in getting swindled im lower income have 4 daughters just tring to get by...

# 18
Do officers have to release my intellectual property (images) after car is impounded? Can they hold them from me?
Asked in Arco,  ID Jul. 24, 2018 ,  1 Answers

I was pulled over for having a license plate light out and issued a DUI. I was not arrested but car was towed and impounded, and later searched. I have contacted them several times about getting my hard drives and computer out of the car because I am a professional photographer and I'm already losin...

# 19
I was in involved in a accident on a atv and the driver left the scene but I was charged why?
Asked in Baton Rouge,  LA Apr. 18, 2018 ,  1 Answers

The driver was taken from scene and cleaned up never questioned or anything why did I receive the tickets when I was left there for dead?...

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