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Legal advices on Social security

Does collecting unemployment affect the amount you currently receive from social security disability.
Asked in New Hartford,  CT Jun. 17, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I am on SSDI,but have been trying to find something to do for more income,haven’t been successful.I applied for unemployment.should I have not done that?Is that going to mess up my monthly disability check?...

# 2
Do you need to let social securityDisability know if you Are collecting unemployment?
Asked in Winsted,  CT Jun. 15, 2020 ,  1 Answers

Haven’t worked since 3-2019.been looking but no luck due to my health,Is it safe to collect unemployment?...

# 4
Can you collect unemployment when you are on disability and looking for a job you can do
Asked in Winsted,  CT Jun. 15, 2020 ,  1 Answers


# 5
Do adult dependents qualify for parent's social security when the parent retires?
Asked in Fairhope,  AL Jun. 13, 2020 ,  1 Answers


# 6
If I get my first SS retirement check in June and I have already made 12,000 dollars for the year.
Asked on Jun. 11, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I know I'm only allowed 18,000 for the year at 64) do they go by calendar year for earnings for the first year? or am I only allowed to make 6, 000 more thousand for the year before I'm penalized??? how much will I be penalized..I'm worried about this...

# 7
What form would I use in order to appeal a partial plate favorable decision from the judge?
Asked in Canon City,  CO Jun. 10, 2020 ,  1 Answers

Just wondering what form I will fill out if I filed this appeal? I have been denied originally, had went to the court hearing in front of the judge in which I received a partial favorable decision but would like to appeal that decision. I’m not for sure what form I would use on this and is it consid...

# 8
If I file a legal separation andcmy husband receives SSI benefits, can I receive some of his Income?
Asked in Banning,  CA Jun. 10, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I have been married 23 years....

# 9
Mothers maiden name on birth certificate doesn't match name declared when coming to US as refugee. Can I get soc securiy
Asked in San Francisco,  CA Jun. 09, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I am a citizen, and I want to apply for social security. But I am worried about this information not matching and getting myself and my family in trouble....

# 10
I am 28 years of age and currently work and collect SSDI due to my medical disability. I am looking into starting...
Asked in Tuckerton,  NJ Jun. 02, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I am 28 years of age and currently work and collect SSDI due to my medical disability. I am looking into starting an online shirt business with print on demand. Due to my medical condition I have trouble holding a job. Would this effect my ssdi and my medicare benefits? Would I immediately lose my b...

# 11
is my wife entitled to any part of my Veterans Disability & Workers Compensation?
Asked in Liberty,  NY May 28, 2020 ,  1 Answers


# 12
How do we keep our mother out of a nursing home or rehab center until she tests negative for the virus. and how do we get her tested out of the hospi
Asked in NC May 04, 2020 ,  1 Answers

My mother went to the hospital for a UTI. When she left home she had no temp. When she got to the hospital they said she had a temp and then they tested her and said she was positive for the Virus.. In two weeks they retested her two or three times and said she is still positive. She was never sick ...

# 13
I need to hire a qualified attorned to represent me asescribed below.
Asked in New York,  NY Apr. 26, 2020 ,  1 Answers

currently I owe more than $3000 in cash and check, and I need to hire a qualified attorned to represent me....

# 14
In New Jersey, will I be able to keep stimulus check 2020? I'm disabled on SSI and SSD and will be filing chapter 7.
Asked in Absecon,  NJ Apr. 11, 2020 ,  4 Answers

I'm in the process of starting Chapter 7 and will be receiving help from nonprofit organization that provides legal services to low income individuals. I was assigned a lawyer but because of COVID-19 was not able to meet and give the packet of information they sent me to him. Another question...Does...

# 15
Will social security turn my benefits back on in this with the Coronavirus ?
Asked in Pitman,  NJ Mar. 22, 2020 ,  3 Answers

SOCIAL SECURITY REINSTATEMENT In January of this year I asked to have my ssdi reinstated or turned back on In 2013 I was supposed to have a medical review and never happened. In January my entire file was sent to DDS for a review. I filled out the many papers you need to turn back on the payments In...

# 16
Will SSDI recipients receive the emergency $1000?
Asked in Boston,  MA Mar. 18, 2020 ,  2 Answers

Will SSDI recipients receive the Coronavirus emergency stimulus package of $1000?...

# 17
So my passports is ready?
Asked on Dec. 16, 2019 ,  1 Answers

in my cirial number is for visitor wi logo Now I have turbologo and I need to know my passports is ready...

# 19
I got denied disability and need a financial aid lawyer to help with my appeal
Asked in Wetumpka,  AL Sep. 30, 2019 ,  2 Answers


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