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Can an undercover cop catch me on a radar but a different cop book me?
Asked in Woodland,  CA Jul. 06, 2016 ,  4 Answers

Let's say I was driving on a freeway and another cop catches me speeding but doesn't pull me over but his buddy pulls me over couple miles down the road?...

# 1
If a cop stops you and tells you he stopped for going 35 in a 25 dont I have the right to see the radar that states I was speed
Asked in Williams,  AZ May 10, 2015 ,  5 Answers

Cop pulls me over said I was going 35 in 25 this is after I passed him driving down the street at 300 am with his lightsoff isisnt driving down the street at night with your lights off illegally any way but dont I have the right to see rhe radar...

# 2
If the calibration for a radar gun is past it's expect ion date is that enough to get your speeding case dropped?
Asked in Lincoln,  NE Apr. 21, 2015 ,  2 Answers

I recently obtained a DUI but the reason I got pulled over was for speeding. I recently obtained paperwork regarding the arrest and with in the paperwork there was eight I tuning certificate for the radar gun which hasn't been tested for the past three years is that enough evidence to get my case th...

# 3
I got a ticket going 99 in a 65 mph on the highway but he used a hand held radar gun, should i fight this ticket.
Asked in Stamford,  CT Apr. 03, 2015 ,  3 Answers

Does the officer have proof since he was in a ditch like spot, which comes to my second question meaning if these guns have camera's/video evidence of me doing this? Which in this case i would ask in court for proof of me doing this. this was also in Pennsylvania...

# 4
How do i get out of a traffic ticket in manhattan/
Asked in New York,  NY Mar. 30, 2015 ,  7 Answers

going 45 mph in a 30 mph zone....

# 5
Can a speeding ticket be fought on grounds of the spirit of the law and lacking mens rea?
Asked in Geneseo,  NY Jun. 09, 2013 ,  6 Answers

Got a speeding ticket when driving home from work at night. I know the road I was on, and was caught on radar doing 57 in a 30. The problem was that I knew the limit was going to turn to 55, but since it was dark I was not able to tell exactly where the posted sign was. And the police officer pulled...

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