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Legal advices on Unemployment compensation

Can I file for unemployment in my current status?
Asked on May 19, 2020 ,  1 Answers

Can I file for unemployment (due to COIVID 19) in my current status? I have somewhat of a unique scenario that I'll try and keep simple and I really appreciate any help and feedback regarding my situation. I was on an E2 Dependent visa since 2015. My divorce came through 01/21/20 and my visa expired...

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Can I file for unemploymement of I lose one of my part-time jobs due to COVID, I also have a part-time H1b filed for both.
Asked on May 18, 2020 ,  2 Answers

I have two part-time H1bs, one of which I am still working for 19.25 hours per week, as per usual pre-COVID, but my other employer has no hours for me since the clinics are shut ( I am a Physical Therapist) Can I file for unemployment and get the benefits....

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What is the Maximum Unemployment I Can Get Due to Coronavirus? What Are the Paid Sick Leave Laws?
Post On Mar. 27, 2020

The $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Bill includes a $600 per week unemployment subsidy for all eligible employees for up to 4-months. Below is a summary. Some employees will be eligible for sick pay if they miss work due to the Coronavirus. We explain below. Eligible Workers Can Receive $600 Per We...

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If I deny workman’s comp, will my test results still be sent to my employer?
Asked in Danville,  PA Dec. 13, 2018 ,  4 Answers

I fainted at work and went to ER by ambulance. Then failed a drug test, they told me was for workman’s comp....

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Top Ten Reasons for Getting Your North Carolina Criminal Conviction Expunged
Post On Jul. 25, 2014

Reasons why you need an Expungement of your old North Carolina Convictions 1. Employment & Professional Licensure Employment is probably the most significant area affected by a criminal conviction. Employers often perform criminal background checks on potential employees and are more likely to deny...

# 5
What to do if you lose your job after entry of an order that requires you to pay child support.
Post On Dec. 03, 2012

Keep a record of your efforts to obtain new employment. You should start keeping a record of all of the efforts you make to locate replacement employment. Beyond the mere on-line application record you may be required to post to obtain unemployment benefits, you will want to keep written records of ...

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Basic Guide to Maryland Drivers License Suspension and Revocation Hearings
Post On May 16, 2011

Under Maryland law and regulation, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) has the duty to administer the motorist license system and to call motorists in for a "Point System Conference" and send motorists to driver improvement programs or "DIP." More ominously, the MVA can suspend or even r...

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