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Legal advices on Admissibility of radar evidence

Speeding and Getting Your Car Speedometer Calibrated
Post On Apr. 22, 2017

If you get a speeding ticket sometimes having the speedometer calibration done will reduce the charge. Speedometer are often off by at least a few miles per hour. The reasons vary. Changing the size of your tires can make the speedometer off for example. Even new cars from the factory can be off. I ...

# 1
Are there plausible arguments against speeding tickets clocked using a speed measuring device?
Asked in Everett,  WA Aug. 01, 2016 ,  4 Answers

I wanted to see if there are arguements that can be used against a speeding ticket. I was on the freeway and was clocked going 80. I dont think I was going that fast. There was a number of other cars around me and it was morning rush hour....

# 2
Can an undercover cop catch me on a radar but a different cop book me?
Asked in Woodland,  CA Jul. 06, 2016 ,  4 Answers

Let's say I was driving on a freeway and another cop catches me speeding but doesn't pull me over but his buddy pulls me over couple miles down the road?...

# 3
What should I plea? and what do I do to get the least of everything? Cant do jail because of my son unless house arrest if need
Asked in Rancho Cucamonga,  CA Mar. 03, 2016 ,  8 Answers

Pulled me over for speeding then asked ?? yes I had drank the night before and had a bloody mary bout 3hrs prior to being pulled over. I had my ADULT special need child w me. I am the only care giver for my son he is 21. I am a single mom and I have NO one else to watch my son whom is still in diape...

# 4
Best way to defend myself against a (radar) speeding ticket?
Asked in Danbury,  CT Jan. 07, 2016 ,  4 Answers

I am due in court at month's end to contest a speeding ticket that I received this past summer. The police officer said that they caught me on radar doing 55 in a 35. It was around midnight with only a few cars on the road and I think the officer had her headlights off. I may have been speeding some...

# 5
I was pulled over for speeding, but not by the cop who was doing radar. Is that legal?
Asked in Cleveland,  OH Nov. 19, 2015 ,  3 Answers

I pulled out to the right, went about 500 feet maybe and a cop from the opposite direction swerved infront of me almost causing me to collide head on with him. Pointed for me to pull over. He said I was doing a 39 in a 25 and said a different officer got me with the radar gun. This just doesn't seem...

# 6
Is there a form or standardized way to "request a discovery" for an speeding ticket in Washington state?
Asked in Seattle,  WA Nov. 03, 2015 ,  5 Answers

I got an speeding ticket recently in the King County of Washington State. The ticket says I was driving above the speed limit (violation code 46.61.400) and the officer checked the box "SMD" which suggests he measured my speed with an electronic device. I'm a very prepared and organized person and I...

# 7
Can Officer Confuse Cars with their Radars?
Asked in Woodstock,  IL Oct. 15, 2015 ,  4 Answers

I was Ticketed For Doing 49 MPH in 35 12-14 Over limit. " She messed Up" The Posted Physical limit is 30 MPH I was not speeding I was paying attention to my speed and the road. She was hidden in a street and with her lights off it was dark outside. there was more drivers passing in front of her East...

# 8
If I was pulled over for speeding and has the officer to see my point of speed does he have to show me
Asked in Brookville,  OH Oct. 02, 2015 ,  3 Answers

I have been having issues with a small town cop and he said that he did not have to show me his radar and was going to write a ticket...

# 9
How often do the tuning forks need to be certified in NJ to be considered valid?
Asked in Denville,  NJ Sep. 16, 2015 ,  3 Answers

For the purpose of challenging a speeding ticket, how often do the tuning forks need to be certified with the State Superintendent of Weights and Measures to be considered valid in NJ?...

# 10
Radar speeding ticket/can officers park illegally in the course of?
Asked in Long Beach,  CA Sep. 10, 2015 ,  3 Answers

The officer was parked in a 'No Parking Any Time' area-on a slight curve, in the right hand turn lane leading into a business zone. The street was a three lane, deserted throughfare (the Long Beach Airport is to the West, and a business park to the East-both were empty, it was midnight/after hours),...

# 11
How do I defend myself against a traffic speeding ticket in a school zone?
Asked in Atlanta,  GA Aug. 10, 2015 ,  5 Answers

I don't believe I was going as fast as ticketed, but they booked me going 21 over in school zone. I am unsure of how to go about defending myself in court, and overall what the best option is for me. I know that I would like to defend myself, but if I lose I pay the fine and get points. If I plead n...

# 12
What record can I request from a police who pulled me over speeding? Can I ask to see the speed on his gun or a print out?
Asked in Fort Lauderdale,  FL Jul. 29, 2015 ,  4 Answers

In Fort Lauderdale, I was traveling 54 MPH (set by cruise control) in a 45 MPH zone. I was expecting to be issued a ticket for going 9 MPH over, which I would have understood as a lesson. However, surprisingly, the police officer said he clocked me at 60 MPH. Knowing this was either a mistake or he'...

# 13
If i get pulled over for speeding, can i request to see the radar gun
Asked in Ridott,  IL Jun. 23, 2015 ,  5 Answers

I got pulled over for supposedly speeding. I came over the hill and saw the cop and looked at my speed. I was going 60 in a 65. Cop said I was doing 83. I asked to see the radar gun and he told me no that it was only numbers....

# 14
Asked in North Hollywood,  CA May 20, 2015 ,  4 Answers

I have a citation, for which I have already requested and obtained discovery from Highway patrol (its a speeding ticket), I have not been arraigned yet, my arraignment is in July. I am willing to post bail and ask for Trial by Dec Here is my question. When would be the best time for me to file 1385 ...

# 15
If a cop stops you and tells you he stopped for going 35 in a 25 dont I have the right to see the radar that states I was speed
Asked in Williams,  AZ May 10, 2015 ,  5 Answers

Cop pulls me over said I was going 35 in 25 this is after I passed him driving down the street at 300 am with his lightsoff isisnt driving down the street at night with your lights off illegally any way but dont I have the right to see rhe radar...

# 16
DUI (Propable Cause)
Asked in Palm Desert,  CA Apr. 28, 2015 ,  9 Answers

It was me and 2 of my buddies. All three of us on motorcycles. We were stopped at a red light when we heard "pull over into the parking lot" over a loud speaker. Assuming it was a police officer we pulled over. It was CHP. He said he clocked us (as in all of us) at about 70 in a 35 zone. I blew .15 ...

# 17
If the calibration for a radar gun is past it's expect ion date is that enough to get your speeding case dropped?
Asked in Lincoln,  NE Apr. 21, 2015 ,  2 Answers

I recently obtained a DUI but the reason I got pulled over was for speeding. I recently obtained paperwork regarding the arrest and with in the paperwork there was eight I tuning certificate for the radar gun which hasn't been tested for the past three years is that enough evidence to get my case th...

# 18
I got a ticket going 99 in a 65 mph on the highway but he used a hand held radar gun, should i fight this ticket.
Asked in Stamford,  CT Apr. 03, 2015 ,  3 Answers

Does the officer have proof since he was in a ditch like spot, which comes to my second question meaning if these guns have camera's/video evidence of me doing this? Which in this case i would ask in court for proof of me doing this. this was also in Pennsylvania...

# 19
How do i get out of a traffic ticket in manhattan/
Asked in New York,  NY Mar. 30, 2015 ,  7 Answers

going 45 mph in a 30 mph zone....

# 20

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