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Legal advices on Marriage

Can we get married in one county but get marriage license in another?
Asked in Wooster,  OH Mar. 19, 2020 ,  1 Answers

We live in Wayne County but because of COVID-19 our courthouse is closed, so can we got to a surrounding county to get marriage license??...

# 1
Green Card Marriage Questions
Post On Aug. 07, 2019

The following green card marriage questions are commonly used by USCIS examiners to determine whether your marriage is real, or if you just got married in order to get a green card. Our best advice is to: 1. Always tell the truth. 2. Keep your answers short. 3. If you are not 100% sure of the answer...

# 2
Five Things You Need To Know About The USCIS Delays Under the Trump Administration
Post On Apr. 25, 2019

AILA Doc. No. 19032730 | Dated March 26, 2019 AILA member Shachar Shawn Malachovsky discussed the top five issues surrounding USCIS delays under the Trump administration. One: Processing times for USCIS cases are delayed: According to a recent AILA Policy Brief, "USCIS Processing Delays Have Reached...

# 3
DACA + Advance Parole + Marriage to a U.S. Citizen = Adjustment of Status?
Post On Mar. 11, 2019

DACA recipients who entered the United States without inspection and have an immediate relative petition, may be able to obtain lawful permanent resident status within the United States. Only DACA recipients who fit certain criteria can do this; those criteria will be explained in depth below. Advan...

# 4
Divorcing Your U.S. Citizen Husband/Wife and Keeping Your Green Card
Post On Dec. 06, 2018

In the Guide, Attorney Robert Perkins, also known as The Immigration Professor, discusses the possibilities of getting or keeping your green card when your marriage to a United States Citizen is ending through divorce or separation Introduction Many times, an immigrant will come into my office if th...

# 5
Post On Jan. 02, 2016

The fundamentals of Mississippi divorce law and procedure. Mississippi's Venue and Residency Requirements In Mississippi, divorces are heard in what is known as Chancery Court, which is a carryover from the English judicial system. Each county in Mississippi has its own Chancery Court and the county...

# 6
Is What My Friend Told Me True About My Immigration Status After Marriage On a Tourist Visa?
Asked in Corvallis,  OR Sep. 19, 2015 ,  6 Answers

i've been in the U.S on a B1\B2 tourist visa for a month and half now and got married to my U.S girlfriend about 2 weeks ago. Before we started dealing with the paperwork for my immigration status, I talked to a friend of mine who told me that since my marriage had happened pretty fast after my entr...

# 7
Foreign Marriage and Texas Divorce
Post On Sep. 04, 2015

My husband and I married each other in Africa. Under the law of the African country where we were married, it is lawful for a man to have more than one wife. Unbeknownst to me at the time we married, my husband was already lawfully married to another woman. . . . 1. As an initial matter, you should ...

# 8
"The Making of the Interim Iraqi Constitution
Post On Jul. 30, 2015

New York Law School's Center for International Law Harlan Scholar's Program/Analysis Paper The Making of the Interim Iraqi Constitution Program Analysis Center for International Law The Center for International Law at New York School presented a C.V. Starr Lecture entitled "The Making of the Interim...

# 9
What to do if your spouse cheats on you
Post On May 27, 2015

The breakup of a marriage can be one of the most difficult and painful experiences a person can suffer. This pain can be exacerbated by the discovery of a spouse’s infidelity . If you're considering a divorce, learn what steps to take before you confront your spouse. Steps to Take Before Confronting...

# 10
How do i help my illegal (future) husband become a legal US resident?
Asked in Wheaton,  IL Jul. 31, 2013 ,  10 Answers

Hello I am getting married in December. My boyfriend entered illegally into the country about 7 years ago. We will have been together 2 years. He has no previous crimes and has paid his taxes every year. I would like to know what is the best way to go about this. I would also like to know if doing i...

# 11
Adjustment of Status issues for Same-gendered, bi-national couple with visa over-stay issue
Asked in Chicago,  IL Jul. 03, 2013 ,  8 Answers

I am an American citizen male involved in a 6-year domestic partnership with a man who came to the usa with a student visa. I presume he is in over-stay status. Given the Doma ruling and the Obama decision to now process same gender applications for sponsorship of same-gender, bi-national permanent ...

# 12
Which immigration forms do i need to fill out in order to petition for my wife already in the us?
Asked in Fort Lauderdale,  FL May 29, 2013 ,  10 Answers

Me and my wife moved to the us 2 years ago together, she entered on a student visa and i am a us citizen. We got married 3 months ago in FL and i would like to pettion for her green card and for her to be able to work. she has overstayed her visa by 5 months now . which forms should i fill out ?...

# 13
Planning for your Divorce With Property, Children, and Assets in Florida
Post On Apr. 01, 2013

Evaluate all your marital assets and liabilities. Print out a long form financial affidavit and fill everything out as detailed as possible. You can find this form here: http://www.flcourts.org/gen_public/family/forms_rules/902c.pdf . Gather three months' worth of paystubs, bank statements, and thre...

# 14
Florida Dissolution of Marriage: Mandatory Disclosure - What and Why?
Post On Mar. 30, 2013

Viewed from a personal perspective rather than collectively as a couple, comparing the amount of wealth and assets once shared in marriage relative to what will be your share after asset division can be daunting. What was once thought sufficient to maintain a happy relationship and comfortable lifes...

# 15
Asked in Orlando,  FL Apr. 13, 2012 ,  6 Answers

illegal married to an american citizen born and raised in Florida with have 3 children together my wife is sick and I take care of them I came into United States with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.... no paper's or petitions filed ever until my wife filed an I130 with has been approved for about 5 years now. I...

# 16
Is adultery considered grounds for divorce?
Post On Mar. 30, 2012

Most people are surprised to learn that if one spouse is cheating the divorce judge may not even permit that evidence during the trial. Florida, along with many other states is a "no fault" divorce state. There is no need to prove that a spouse has cheated to be entitled to a divorce. Judges are not...

# 17
Can i sue my husband . we are still married, and his girlfriend
Asked in Waynesboro,  VA Jan. 01, 2012 ,  2 Answers

can i sue my husband we are still married, living spart for a year, an his girlfriend for giving me viral hepititas b and bacterial staph infection, cellitius my husband and i was sleeping in the same bed till april 2011 even thou we livied apart, i got sick in feb and in may my husband told me he w...

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