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IN QUARANTINE AND OUT OF CUSTODY: The Effect of the Coronavirus on Release Conditions
Post On Apr. 17, 2020

COVID-19 has drastically impacted the daily life of people around the world. For many, COVID-19 poses a massive risk to their health and safety. For those in custody, COVID-19 may be considered a change in circumstances that warrants their release back into society. CORONAVIRUS AND THE JAIL SYSTEM W...

# 1
Can I get my CPA with felony convictions?
Asked in Riverside,  CA Dec. 28, 2018 ,  2 Answers

I was convicted of a few felonies over 10 years ago, namely assault and 2 counts of receiving stolen property. They have since been "expunged" but I know I still have to disclose them. Since then I've earned 4 degrees, worked as a controller, started a business, family, etc. Any chance of still obta...

# 2
Fraud, Felony Conviction, License Revocation
Post On Dec. 17, 2018

Artifice and fraud schemes are rampant in healthcare and insurance. Typical insurance fraud criminal charges will result in licensee disciplinary action. By typical I mean submitting claims for unemployment benefits while working another job or failing to report accurately income for benefits. The F...

# 3
NJ Proposed Medical Marijuana Act
Post On Dec. 02, 2018

Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana Act details in excruciating detail the prescribing limits placed on physicians (the only allowed prescribers). New Jersey's MMA differs from Pennsylvania at the outset by not limiting prescribers to physicians. Any medical professional with DEA prescribing authority ...

# 4
Which way may give me the best outcome to keep a Florida medical license with a felony DV conviction?
Asked in Winter Haven,  FL Nov. 28, 2018 ,  2 Answers

I am a licensed Florida paramedic. I recently had a felony conviction for domestic violence with strangulation. I am currently on community control. Five months of two years served to date. The state board found probable cause to believe that I violated one of the statutes regulating my profession v...

# 5
My 2nd duo was over 10 years ago. Do I still require a blow & go?
Asked in Warren,  MI Oct. 11, 2018 ,  3 Answers

In 2007 I got my second dui, am I still required to have a blow and go on my car....

# 6
Top 6 Areas of Possible Relief for Clients Facing Reentry Charges After Deportation
Post On Jan. 10, 2016

Persons charged with reentry following a deportation or removal often assume that they will simply be deported again and that there is no use fighting their deportation. However, relief may be available in a surprising number of cases, and I am listing six key areas of possible relief below. Did err...

# 7
Five Ways to Beat a DWI Charge
Post On Dec. 29, 2015

In North Carolina it is a crime to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Whether your case is classified as a felony or misdemeanor depends on factors such as the blood alcohol level and past driving record. This guide delves into several ways to defend against a DWI. #1: Failure to t...

# 8
Overview of UCMJ Article 32 procedures in a military court martial
Post On Oct. 03, 2015

UCMJ Article 32 procedures in a military court martial are designed to give the accused due process rights, similar to a civilian grand jury or preliminary hearing. Overview Under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, a person has an express right to a Grand Jury indictment before they can b...

# 9
If i get pulled over for speeding, can i request to see the radar gun
Asked in Ridott,  IL Jun. 23, 2015 ,  5 Answers

I got pulled over for supposedly speeding. I came over the hill and saw the cop and looked at my speed. I was going 60 in a 65. Cop said I was doing 83. I asked to see the radar gun and he told me no that it was only numbers....

# 10
Post On Apr. 08, 2015

This article explains the reciprocal nature of the ethical requirements governing all Tax Professionals. It also explains a taxpayer’s rights when confronted with unethical and inappropriate conduct. It then explains the tools available to Tax Professionals to report any ethical violations. Finally,...

# 11
Can I make a deal with immigration to stay in the U.S.?
Asked in Orlando,  FL Nov. 19, 2014 ,  10 Answers

Got sentenced to 4yrs in prison with a monetary loss of 400,000$ , cooperated within the year and sentence got reduced to 28 months, currently not a U.S. citizen but have been a permanent resident for 20 years and currently have no detainer ....

# 12
Oklahoma DUI Basics
Post On Oct. 05, 2014

The Basics of DUI Defense in Oklahoma ... What to expect, and what can be done about it. First, Stop and Do This Now! First, if you or someone you know has been arrested in Oklahoma for DUI or APC, you only have fifteen days from the date of arrest to request an administrative hearing from the Oklah...

# 13
Adoption in Georgia
Post On Aug. 26, 2014

One thing to remember is that laws pertaining to adoption vary widely from State to State. I would never recomment an individual attempting to draft and file a Petition for Adoption themselves. It's a child. Every "T" must be crossed and every "I" dotted. Close enough is tragic in adoption law. I've...

# 14
Top Ten Reasons for Getting Your North Carolina Criminal Conviction Expunged
Post On Jul. 25, 2014

Reasons why you need an Expungement of your old North Carolina Convictions 1. Employment & Professional Licensure Employment is probably the most significant area affected by a criminal conviction. Employers often perform criminal background checks on potential employees and are more likely to deny...

# 15
Is this quit claim deed valid if there arent any witnesses?
Asked in Winter Park,  FL May 23, 2014 ,  8 Answers

i ahve a family member that died, and she was on the deed with one of my siblings...it was a quit claim deed executed in 2008. There are no witnesses on it just the grantors signature and a notary signature. I am told that the deed is invalid because there arent any witnesses on it...but i was also ...

# 16
How does a person get custody of their child if they have a felony record?
Asked in Portland,  OR Nov. 08, 2013 ,  3 Answers

my friend has been in prison for 2 years because, he stole a car, he gets out in 6 months. his son was put into foster care at 1 month old and has remained there since. (he is now 17 months) the mother of his child is a drug user and is mentally unstable, court documents states she is a danger to he...

# 17
What to do during a DUI checkpoint?
Asked in Los Angeles,  CA Sep. 03, 2013 ,  8 Answers

This is a hypothetical story: These past weekend, many drivers were arrested in the San Fernando Valley for DUI. I am not a drinker, but sometimes I need to take medication which may contain a bit of alcohol. So far I have never ran into a DUI checkpoint, but I am afraid my medication can get me in ...

# 18
Negligent Homicide and Leaving the Scene of an Accident in Peoria, AZ
Post On Jul. 16, 2013

In October 2010, an 18-year-old Peoria high school student was walking home from his job when a car jumped a curb near 83rd Avenue and Thunderbird, hitting and killing him. The driver of the car, then 23-year-old Laura Flanders, sped away after fatally running over the teenager , but police were abl...

# 19
Child Abuse Crimes in Michigan
Post On Mar. 29, 2012

In Michigan there are 4 specific criminal allegations that constitute Child Abuse : Child Abuse in the First Degree - MCL 750.136b(2) - occurs when an individual knowingly or intentionally causes serious physical or serious mental harm to a child. Child Abuse in the First Degree is punishable by up ...

# 20

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