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Legal advices on Marijuana laws and criminal charges

mother and step father are getting a divorce both wanr custody of my 6-year old brother. I’m 22 and did weed and acid.
Asked in Chicago,  IL Jun. 19, 2020 ,  1 Answers

This was a few months ago and I lived in my own place. I have no history of abuse or records. Will this affect my mothers ability to get custody of my brother? We have all of the evidence of him being abusive and I always take care of my brother. He’s going to try and make it seem like my mother is ...

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Hello! I'm a medical marijuana patient in Florida, am I allowed to carry cannabis in my car?
Asked in Montverde,  FL Jun. 05, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I'm hoping to learn the statutes, and regulations...

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Info on Noe Mejia Calderon his ethics and moral standards
Asked in Burbank,  CA May 06, 2020 ,  2 Answers


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I had a wreck in November due to a seizure. I was put in the ambulance and refused treatment
Asked in Cincinnati,  OH Mar. 02, 2020 ,  2 Answers

Because I knew I had a seizure.A deputy then put me in cuffs and took me to the hospital to see if a doctor could tell if I had a seizure the dr could not verify if I had one then the officer had me do blood test. I just received papers saying I have to go to court in March for a class c misdemeanor...

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Co op community daughter was pulled over gota dui and small amount of pot.shes not on my lease but lives here can i be
Asked in Warminster,  PA Feb. 23, 2020 ,  1 Answers

1st time offender no priors . Like I said she's not on our lease but she does live here but she does also have that other address somewhere else she just stays with us mom and dad thank you i guess im asking if i can be evicted?...

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How Are you sir or madam?
Asked on Feb. 21, 2020 ,  1 Answers

Do you fully accept your curent life situation?...

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What can I do to fight a class 5 felony in Ohio? Police found less than a gram of meth amphetamine in my trunk.
Asked in Cleveland,  OH Jan. 17, 2020 ,  2 Answers

I am from PA but was driving through Ohio. I stopped at a gas station and while pumping gas I found a strange package. I was unsure of what it was but my curiosity took over and i grabbed it, throwing it in the trunk of my car. I was already driving with marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia which I...

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Dr. Marijuana Loses His Medical License
Post On Jan. 12, 2019

The Philadelphia Inquirer announces New Jersey Medical Board suspends the medical license of Anthony Anzalone, M.D. -- Dr. Marijuana. This is the region's first medical license suspension case involving a physician violating newly enacted medical marijuana regulations. I Predicted This Type of Prose...

# 10
NJ Proposed Medical Marijuana Act
Post On Dec. 02, 2018

Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana Act details in excruciating detail the prescribing limits placed on physicians (the only allowed prescribers). New Jersey's MMA differs from Pennsylvania at the outset by not limiting prescribers to physicians. Any medical professional with DEA prescribing authority ...

# 11
Medical Marijuana Statistics in Pennsylvania
Post On Nov. 14, 2018

Newspaper trumpet the legalization marijuana in several states. Articles track implementation of medical marijuana production, products, and sales in states with existing medical marijuana laws. Everyone is investing in marijuana producers and distributors. The Statistics On November 12, 2018 the Ph...

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Medical Marijuana Adminstrative Appeal Process
Post On Sep. 21, 2018

This article discussed the administrative process to appeal any disciplinary action against a card holder or prescriber of medical marijuana. The Admisntrative process. > Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana Act sets forth a very specific administrative appeal process addressing prescribers and card hol...

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How can I get full custody of my kids my when my wife commit adultery and incest with my brother
Asked in Isanti,  MN Dec. 23, 2015 ,  7 Answers

Wife committed adultery and incest with my brother. Two kids under the age of 3. She doing drugs. marijuana drugs all sorts. She is so suicidal...

# 14
I've Seen the Light-- In My Rear View Mirror-- A guide on what to do when the police pull you over
Post On Sep. 04, 2010

Under What Circumstances Can the Police Pull Me Over? The police need reasonable suspicion of criminal activity to pull you over. It is a very low standard. Simply going over the speed limit by one mile per hour is enough. Almost any traffic infraction will be enough to stop your vehicle. When the p...

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