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Legal advices on Personal injury

My Doctors&Clinic kept inaccurate records & have altered them to avoid dealing with a complaint. Is this malpractice?
Asked in San Diego,  CA Jun. 23, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I can prove they altered them. The result has been denial for SSDI benefits and a severe deterioration in my quality of life and has endangered my overall health permanently. I don't know what to do to fix this?...

# 1
Do I just have to live with it? I worked in two buildings that had mold contamination. I got very sick, what do I do?
Asked on Jun. 22, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I lost memory, my sense of smell, my balance, and now my last two fingers are numb all the time. Heart issues, breathing issues, and so very scared of catching the COVID....

# 2
Can I sue for defimation of character? Sheriff went on national TV and knowingly said the following below...
Asked in Charlotte,  NC Jun. 22, 2020 ,  1 Answers

The sheriff went on TV (nation wide) and told the pubic I "had plans to commit a mass shooting" (proven flase by the court). That I "Owned a 22 rifle and over 300 rounds of ammunition" (was proven false by the court). That I "am psychotic" (multiple mental professionals proved this false) That I "pl...

# 3
I received a settlement from an injury, is my wife entitled to any of the settlement ?
Asked in Mifflin,  PA Jun. 21, 2020 ,  1 Answers


# 4
Hello, I'm a worker who has an injury from outside of work and am losing my salary and medical
Asked on Jun. 20, 2020 ,  1 Answers

My injury occurred outside of work but is affecting my ability to work. My doctor has me on reduced shifts and a treatment plan, my employer is reducing my pay, switching me from salary to hourly and causing me to lose my medical plan, is there anything I can do?...

# 5
Filling out application N208 uk based , does your claim Human Rights Act work place accident
Asked on Jun. 19, 2020 ,  1 Answers

Does your claim include any issues under the Human Rights Act 1998?...

# 7
Can my assets be brought into a previous lawsuit if we get married?
Asked in Tallahassee,  FL Jun. 18, 2020 ,  1 Answers

My fiancee was involved in a car accident while he was on his parents policy. One person did not settle and is now sueing. Can my assets be brought into the lawsuit once we get married in November 2020?...

# 8
Can I sue businesses for promoting the Black Lives Matter movement?
Asked in Saint Louis,  MO Jun. 18, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I find it offensive and extremely racist. It has no place in a business such as Amazon. How do I force these companies to stop advertising BLM. If they are not willing to promote Alt-Right why are they allowed to promote BLM?...

# 9
Is there an impact for plaintiff attorneys when a hospital discounts a patient's bill 100%?
Asked in Ashburn,  VA Jun. 17, 2020 ,  1 Answers

A patient goes into the hospital for emergency surgery* and is discharged ~2 months later. The hospital discounts the 800K hospital bill 100%. I understand the part about needed to contact a malpractice attorney in the area, but I'm actually looking for answers that explain the impact [on the damage...

# 10
A guy hit my car, we chose to settle private..PLEASE READ (Evidence)
Asked in Pinellas Park,  FL Jun. 17, 2020 ,  2 Answers

A guy hit The side of my car this morning we pulled over and he asked me cash or insurance I told him we can settle it private. we exchanged information and I took video of the whole thing including him saying his name and exactly how he hit me on video. If he chooses not to respond how do I go abou...

# 11
Telling the short story and I am mostly trying to find out if the truck was at fault.
Asked in Fairfax,  VA Jun. 17, 2020 ,  5 Answers

There are 2 traffic lanes going North bound and 2 traffic lanes going South bound with a legal turning lane to make a left (no light to make turn) . I was in a car on the passenger side waiting to cross the 2 on coming lanes of North bound traffic. There is a traffic light slightly down the road Nor...

# 12
I am researching The Public Motor Vehicle Liability Security Fund. Do self-insured vehicles pay into this fund in NYS?
Asked in Freeport,  NY Jun. 17, 2020 ,  1 Answers

You can email me at SDavis@american-transit.com...

# 13
hello, I have a few questions
Asked in Havelock,  NC Jun. 16, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I was in a accident and im try to sue for car damage, medical bills and pain and suffering...

# 14
A friend who is 17 of my daughters was driving her car and began excessively speeding real fast and there were 5 people
Asked in Portland,  OR Jun. 16, 2020 ,  4 Answers

In the car and they all were pleading with him to slow down over and over but he refused to listen and he flipped the car and my daughter almost died and her friend was also hurt is it his responsibility to pay for damages?...

# 15
In a Premise Liability Case, can a Homeowners Insurance Company be sued for more than the policy’s liability limit?
Asked in Antelope,  CA Jun. 16, 2020 ,  5 Answers

Slip & Fall Case. Plaintiff is the tenant. Defendant is the landlord. Landlord admits he knew about, & agreed to hire someone fix a broken drain ASAP but definitely prior to a planned bday party a few weeks later. He kept forgetting & the tenant slipped & fell on pooled water that didn’t drain. She ...

# 16
What to do when the other driver wants to sue after an accident?
Asked in Los Angeles,  CA Jun. 16, 2020 ,  3 Answers

Hi, my boyfriend got into an accident while driving my car. He also has his own insurance. My boyfriend was determined at-fault and the other driver wants to file a lawsuit against both me and my boyfriend. Both my boyfriend and I have insurance of our own and we both pay premium. On top of asking f...

# 17
I am asking for direction with a lawsuit that involves my ex employer.
Asked in Coeur D'alene,  ID Jun. 15, 2020 ,  1 Answers

Hi, my name is Lisa. I am looking for some direction on discrimination and harassment, defamation of character. My last employer is showing my employee file to other people and I also have a doctors letter in it. Is this a HIPPA violation. I have record of all the harassment when I was employed ther...

# 18
I was involved in a physical altercation and I was assaulted which resulted in me sustaining injuries
Asked on Jun. 15, 2020 ,  2 Answers

I was wondering what my options are and how to go about it...

# 19
Need to file a case against a hospital for an accident that took place on their premises due to lack of maintenance.
Asked in Oakland,  CA Jun. 14, 2020 ,  4 Answers

I was staying at a hospital post partum (delivery) and the bathroom shower knob fell on my foot. I have been experiencing foot pain for over two years and despite all my efforts to fix the pain ( massages, nerve tests, physical test) nothing has improved. The pain is interfering with my daily life a...

# 20

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