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Legal advices on ADA compliance for businesses

ADA Compliance: Dos and Don’ts for Small Business Owners
Post On May 16, 2017

You might have heard that abuse of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) is a big problem in California. It is true. In fact, there were over 2,500 ADA lawsuits filed in California federal courts against business owners and property owners in 2016 alone. The Best Defense is a Good Offense Comp...

# 1
I need clarification on these ADA Compliance for a Small Business
Asked in San Diego,  CA May 26, 2016 ,  2 Answers

1) I am starting a small Business (Vintage Resale Store) I will have 5 parking spaces. I have not signed the lease yet. The landlord has not previously made the parking ADA compliant with a Handicap Space/curb ramp at the sidewalk. Whose responsibility is it to make it compliant? 2) The far left par...

# 2
Could the business be closed if I lose and don't have money? Could you explain the process and possible outcomes?
Asked in Miami,  FL May 24, 2016 ,  5 Answers

Hi. I own a small business in Dade County and I'm being sued by someone pursuant to the Disability Act. The plaintiff is claiming that my premises do not complyt with the Disability Act but they were inspected and approved by the county when built. I don't even think that this person was even at my ...

# 3
California Assembly Bill 1521: ADA Accessibility Litigation Update for 2015
Post On Feb. 04, 2016

Recently, the California Legislature enacted Assembly Bill 1521 (effective October 10, 2015) to limit the practice of high-volume lawsuits motivated by the goal of obtaining quick settlements with business owners, rather than correcting violations of construction-related accessibility standards. Hig...

# 4
Can I have a retail store that does not provide access to public bathrooms?
Asked in Walla Walla,  WA May 08, 2015 ,  2 Answers

My husband and I are trying to open a business. We are renting in an existing space. The building inspector said that bathroom was not ADA compliant and so we failed the inspection. I told him that was an employee only bathroom. He stated that all public buildings must have access to a public restro...

# 5
Post On Apr. 08, 2015

This article explains the reciprocal nature of the ethical requirements governing all Tax Professionals. It also explains a taxpayer’s rights when confronted with unethical and inappropriate conduct. It then explains the tools available to Tax Professionals to report any ethical violations. Finally,...

# 6
I want to start a website. Do I need to comply with ADA laws and what privacy laws apply?
Asked in Miami,  FL Mar. 09, 2015 ,  2 Answers

I have heard that if I have a website that I will need to make it compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); such as have it read the page to the blind. Is that true? Also, what laws apply to privacy? I do not plan to use any tracking cookies, I will have a SSL certificate, and I will...

# 7
Walgreens & others, denying filling my script. Seems thousands are having this problem.
Asked in Ocala,  FL Dec. 05, 2014 ,  2 Answers

I'm in Ocala, Florida 53, been fully disabled thru sociial security for 12-yrs. Have medicare with Humana supplement policy. I'm not poor, probably considered well off. But, I'm 80% bedridden, especially since not being able to get my scripts filled, due to what they say is walgreens new "good faith...

# 8
Can I successfully stop an ADA settlement In Federal Court between Plaintiff and Owner because it adversely affects my business?
Asked in San Diego,  CA Nov. 19, 2014 ,  1 Answers

ADA lawsuit filed for access violation. Owner and Plaintiff have agreed to cash settlement and a requirement for me, the business owner/operator, to carry two tables up and down stairs daily and set up a bell to ring to serve handicapped patrons. I cannot agree to this because it is dangerous but al...

# 9
By law does a doctor have to provide an interpreter for a person who does not understand English.
Asked in Summit,  NJ Oct. 03, 2014 ,  2 Answers

According to the ADA Title III it would appear that a doctor is required to provide an interpreter at his/her expense. The doc's office is saying this isn't true. The patient is a legal resident working in the USA and has health insurance....

# 10
Can a childcare provider refuse to provide medication as a reasonable accommodation?
Asked in Austin,  TX Jul. 24, 2014 ,  3 Answers

My child requires medication (1-2x wkly) for a long-standing health condition. I have provided the childcare facility w/ a doctor's note describing the need for medication. The medication comes in powder form & must be mixed into liquid. My plan was to pre-mix the medication w/juice in a cup w/a lid...

# 11
California Unruh Civil Rights Act
Post On Jul. 02, 2014

Discrimination in California Business Establishments: What to do if you are denied service at a business because of your sex, color, race, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, marital status, or sexual orientation or to persons regardless of their genetic information, ...

# 12
I want to open a salon on the 2nd floor with only stairs access. will I get the permit to open up. Is there a law for handicaped
Asked in Jamesburg,  NJ Mar. 14, 2014 ,  1 Answers

the landlord and the zoning have approved the salon on the 2nd floor but still have to go through the board of cosmetology.. will they approve it without handicaped access....

# 13
Are dogs allowed in a public place such as a bar, no food is served
Asked in Yorktown Heights,  NY Feb. 09, 2014 ,  3 Answers

Veterans Club with no more than 6 to 8 patrons on a given night...

# 14
501c3 claiming to be a private club and is thus exempt from ADA, is it true
Asked in Aurora,  CO Nov. 05, 2013 ,  2 Answers

I'm part of a nation wide historical group that is a filed 501c3 based out of California. Recently the topic of accommodations for disabilities has come up and while our by laws state we will follow the ADA the belief that it is classified as a private club comes up again and again. Anyone can buy a...

# 15
Is it possible to defend against an ADA suit ? My small business didn't have a designated parking space.
Asked in Beaumont,  CA Sep. 11, 2013 ,  3 Answers

This is an automotive type shop. There are no designated parking at all. Everyone has equal access, We have a letter praising our help to handicapped customers. The plaintiff never called us or stopped at the shop to ask for any help...Is it best to just try to negotiate? The dollar amount is 4000. ...

# 16
I am being sued for ADA access by a person who has filed 2 similar lawsuits against similar small business within two years.
Asked in Redwood City,  CA Jun. 21, 2013 ,  3 Answers

I have a small restaurant business, although I have handicap parking, I need to add a ramp. I also need to modify the restroom. I am looking for an experienced lawyer with ADA knowledge and also expereince with this type of lawsuit. Can you recommend anyone? please email me at josofia88@gmail.com...

# 17
I'm a photographer. Previous things I've researched has not clearly explained anything to me--Am I considered a business?
Asked in Coshocton,  OH Jun. 20, 2013 ,  4 Answers

I live in Ohio, I'm 21 years old, I live with my mother, I'm claimed on my mother's taxes, and I still attend college. The photography (Photo-work) I'm engaged in doesn't have a business name, I work under my own name to display me, I charge service fees per-client I gain from the range of $125.00-$...

# 18
Ensuring ADA Compliance At Your Place of Business
Post On Jun. 14, 2013

ADA Compliance is Mandatory Every business, open to the public, must comply with all ADA rules and regulations. A common misconception of business owners is that there are state agencies which monitor and regulate ADA compliance. This is not the case. A business owner is responsible, on their own, f...

# 19
I am seeking representation as plaintiff in a California ADA/Unruh Act claim of disability discrimination in a local bank branch
Asked in Long Beach,  CA May 29, 2013 ,  1 Answers

I am a "qualified individual with disability" as defined under law and have suffered discrimination via a refusal of a business to provide "reasonable accommodation" in a public facility. I have significant evidence to support my claim...

# 20

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