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Legal advices on Adultery

How can my husband gain custody if he has no stable income or residence?
Asked in Temple Hills,  MD Jan. 29, 2016 ,  2 Answers

My husband is having an affair. He left me and moved in with his mistress about 6 months ago. He comes over most mornings to take our 5 year old son to school but we barely see him beyond that. In December my husband had my son spend the night at the home of his mistress without my approval. My husb...

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Post On Jan. 02, 2016

The fundamentals of Mississippi divorce law and procedure. Mississippi's Venue and Residency Requirements In Mississippi, divorces are heard in what is known as Chancery Court, which is a carryover from the English judicial system. Each county in Mississippi has its own Chancery Court and the county...

# 2
How can I get full custody of my kids my when my wife commit adultery and incest with my brother
Asked in Isanti,  MN Dec. 23, 2015 ,  7 Answers

Wife committed adultery and incest with my brother. Two kids under the age of 3. She doing drugs. marijuana drugs all sorts. She is so suicidal...

# 3
Foreign Marriage and Texas Divorce
Post On Sep. 04, 2015

My husband and I married each other in Africa. Under the law of the African country where we were married, it is lawful for a man to have more than one wife. Unbeknownst to me at the time we married, my husband was already lawfully married to another woman. . . . 1. As an initial matter, you should ...

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Adultery and Divorce Settlement in Washington State
Post On Aug. 25, 2015

Adultery and divorce do not go hand in hand. Cheating may have been the cause of your divorce, but your spouse’s cheating will have no impact on the divorce settlement, because Washington is a no-fault state. This means that the law does not require spouses to prove fault to get a divorce. Does adul...

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What to do if your spouse cheats on you
Post On May 27, 2015

The breakup of a marriage can be one of the most difficult and painful experiences a person can suffer. This pain can be exacerbated by the discovery of a spouse’s infidelity . If you're considering a divorce, learn what steps to take before you confront your spouse. Steps to Take Before Confronting...

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Is it possible to divorce in New Jersey while living in the same household?
Asked in Dunellen,  NJ Oct. 10, 2014 ,  11 Answers

My current spouse doesn't make enough right now to afford to rent an apartment of his own so we have to continue living together for the time being. I want to divorce but I heard you have to be living separately for sometime before filing? Is this true, and if so is there no way around this?...

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Post On Aug. 25, 2014

In today’s world everyone uses some form of social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, or YouTube. Everyone wants others to know what is going on in their lives. We live in a sociciety where people tell people way too much on the internet. STOP POSTING TO SOCIAL MEDIA Is it re...

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A Guide to Planning a Separation in North Carolina
Post On Jul. 24, 2014

Getting separated and going through a divorce in North Carolina has many steps and requirements but, with the proper legal counsel, you can navigate the divorce timeline and rules surrounding the legal proceedings. 1. Consulting. Consulting with an attorney to review your specific situation and get ...

# 9
Heart Balm Actions in North Carolina
Post On Jun. 17, 2014

In order to protect the sanctity of marriage and the institution of family, North Carolina allows a jilted spouse to bring a lawsuit against a third party who alienates or has sex with your spouse. Alienation of Affection In North Carolina, a suit may be brought against a third party that alienates ...

# 10
My wife had an affair.. how do I use that for grounds for divorce?
Asked in Chicago,  IL Sep. 02, 2013 ,  8 Answers

I saw some examples of how to write it in my petition, but how do I prove it? Does she have to be pregnant?...

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How does adultery affect a divorce, if at all, in Massachusetts?
Asked in Salem,  MA Aug. 01, 2013 ,  7 Answers

Recently I learned that my spouse has been having a 10+ year affair. Despite mounting evidence including text messages, photographs, and family co-aberrations, my spouse is denying the affair. My spouse stated that according to legal counsel, adultery is not illegal in this state and will play no ro...

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Can I file for a divorce without my husband knowing? If so, can I divorce him without his consent?
Asked in Atlanta,  GA Jul. 29, 2013 ,  9 Answers

We live together in Georgia. I will be divorcing under "verbal abuse" and his alcohol abuse....

# 13
Do military couples have to abide to new york resident requirements to file a divorce?
Asked in Watertown,  NY Jun. 03, 2013 ,  5 Answers

i want to file for divorce, he is in the army and we have only been in new york since december...

# 14
What happens if I refuse to sign a separation agreement because of my religious convictions?
Asked in Yorktown,  VA Oct. 11, 2012 ,  3 Answers

My husband filed for divorce. We have been separated for over one year now. A separation agreement has been created and my husband and I agree to the terms. It includes the amount of alimony that I am to receive, the division of his 401K, insurance coverage for my son and allows me to have the divor...

# 15
Is adultery considered grounds for divorce?
Post On Mar. 30, 2012

Most people are surprised to learn that if one spouse is cheating the divorce judge may not even permit that evidence during the trial. Florida, along with many other states is a "no fault" divorce state. There is no need to prove that a spouse has cheated to be entitled to a divorce. Judges are not...

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Can i sue my husband . we are still married, and his girlfriend
Asked in Waynesboro,  VA Jan. 01, 2012 ,  2 Answers

can i sue my husband we are still married, living spart for a year, an his girlfriend for giving me viral hepititas b and bacterial staph infection, cellitius my husband and i was sleeping in the same bed till april 2011 even thou we livied apart, i got sick in feb and in may my husband told me he w...

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After mid life crisis affair husband gets a player pregnant. DIvorce papers not signed yet.
Asked in Woodbridge,  NJ Mar. 14, 2011 ,  4 Answers

Our marriage was over. He filed on the 5 month of his "mid-life crisis" affair w/ a 33 yo player. I have not responded yet. When he finally realized she was using him, he discovered that she may now be pregnant. She missed /stopped birth control pills. How will this affect alimony (23 years), and ch...

# 18
Cheating Spouses on Facebook
Post On Dec. 05, 2010

So it was just announced that San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker, currently divorcing from Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria, had a fling with a woman that he kept in touch with on Facebook. You can be absolutely sure that this isn’t just a celebrity phenomena. Facebook has made us all our own day-to-day...

# 19
Rhode Island Divorce: Cheating - Abuse - Drugs- Gambling- Alcoholism- Verbal abuse
Post On Apr. 19, 2010

Rhode Island is a "no fault state". Does that mean the assets are always divided 50% to the wife and 50% to the husband in a divorce? No. A no fault divorce in Rhode Island simply means that a fault grounds are not necessary in order to obtain a divorce in Rhode Island. In other words, all the parti...

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