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Can I File a Maryland Workers’ Compensation Case for coronavirus/ COVID-19?

Maryland law may provide workers’ compensation benefits for those that contract a disease because of their employment. MD occupational disease standards Maryland workers’ compensation law provides compensation for individuals who contract what is known as an occupational disease through their...

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COVID 19 at Your Workplace? Read This! Your COVID 19 Workers Compensation Action Plan.

Thankfully there are a lot of great Americans who are continuing to work through this pandemic for the benefit of all of us. If you are working and develop symptoms of COVID 19 I recommend you take the following actions. 1. Notify Your Supervisor Immediately. Notifying your employer immediately...

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Help with L&I Audit in Washington State
Post On Mar. 04, 2019

L&I hits small business owners with the same fines over and over. Learn to avoid these common problems - 80% of all businesses that are audited are fined in Washington State. Workers compensation L&I reporting for office staff employees: 2 common issues that lead to fines There are two really...

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What does "disabled" really mean?
Post On Jan. 04, 2013
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People often do not realize that in the legal world, “disability" is a term of art, with a very specific meaning. In fact, it has several different specific meanings, depending on the context. “Disabled" has one meaning for the purposes of the Americans with Disabilities Act, another for the...

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Asylum in Immigration Court - Coercive Population Control Asylum
Post On Oct. 21, 2011
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Nikki Mehrpoo Jacobson Attorney at Law / Professor of Law email@nikkijacobson.com THE JACOBSON LAW FIRM, APC Immigration & Nationality ǀ Workers' Compensation 510 West 6th St. Suite 326 Los Angeles , CA 90014 (310) 277-2266 (310) 277-3366 FAX Los Angeles Immigration Lawyers - Free Consultation www....

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Self Disclosure in Employment: A Guide for Individuals with Disabilities
Post On Jan. 21, 2011
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Am I required/ How much am I required to tell an employer about my disability? The information you must disclose to an employer is dependent on whether you will need accommodations and the nature of those accommodations. Employers are only required to provide reasonable accommodations for “known"...

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