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California Employee Rights During the COVID-19 Outbreak
Post On Jun. 16, 2020

Coronavirus’s spread throughout the United States has drastically changed the relationship between employers and their employees. However, there are numerous laws and statutes that protect California employees’ rights, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. CARES Act and PUA Program First and fore...

# 1
Family First Coronavirus Response Act
Post On Jun. 02, 2020

Information for employers and employees, in relation to the recently-enacted Family First Coronavirus Response Act ("FFCRA") Basic Considerations The FFCRA requires that covered employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. Covered emp...

# 2
Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”)
Post On Apr. 14, 2020

The recently passed Families First Coronavirus Response Act makes substantial changes to sick and FMLA leave for businesses and employees in 2020. The FFCRA provides new benefits to employees through two new laws: The Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion...

# 3
Families First Coronavirus Response Act & Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act
Post On Apr. 08, 2020

A summary of the new Families First CoronaVirus Response Act ("FFCRA") and the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act ("EFMLEA") and the implications for Employees. New Employee Leave Rights Under FFCRA The FFCRA—in addition to expanding FMLA coverage—has created a new category of paid tim...

# 4
Are your employees entitled to paid sick leave because of COVID-19?
Post On Apr. 06, 2020

We explain the new federal law, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, that expands employee's rights to sick leave due to coronavirus. What circumstances are covered These laws cover employees who are unable to work (or telework) for the following reasons related to coronavirus: - they are un...

# 5
Sue employer coronavirus
Asked in Silver Spring,  MD Mar. 29, 2020 ,  3 Answers

I became sick with coronavirus when my company decided to still send us out as employees (i'm a salesperson)...

# 6
Families First Coronavirus Response Act ("FFCRA")
Post On Mar. 27, 2020

Expanded Family Medical Leave: This provision expressly amends the well-established Family and Medical Leave Act with specific changes related to the coronavirus pandemic. All Employees Should Pay Attention Expanded Family Medical Leave: This provision expressly amends the well-established Family an...

# 7
Families First Coronavirus Response Act
Post On Mar. 24, 2020

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act has become law with an effective date of April 2, 2020. The Act expires on December 31, 2020. Please note that the Act was just passed. There are no administrative or judicial decisions interpreting the Act nor has the Constitutionality of the Act yet been...

# 8
Voluntary unemployment
Asked in New York,  NY Mar. 23, 2020 ,  1 Answers

My company has been effected by the covid19– we were given three options voluntary unemployment form which I am uncomfortable signing because I was forced to not work, regular unemployment meaning if I chose this option they may not take me back and the final option which is leave of absence: do you...

# 9
Recently had my hours cut temporarily due to the COVID-19 situation. Can I apply for unemployment insurance?
Asked in Tarzana,  CA Mar. 23, 2020 ,  2 Answers

Due to the COVID situation, I was working remotely from home and working part time. But since business has slowed down, and I am filed under a 1099, I was wondering if I am able to apply for unemployment benefits? If so, will this affect my employer at all? And does he need to be informed?...

# 10
Can I collect unemployment benefits after resigning?
Asked in San Francisco,  CA Mar. 23, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I gave my company 2-week notice right before the coronavirus crisis broke and I'm now concerned it might take a long time for me to land my next job. I'm not sick, nor is anyone in my family. The job was just a bad fit for my career and I wanted to take some time off to find a better job. I have no ...

# 11
Can my employer forbid me to use PTO or sick days?
Asked in San Diego,  CA Mar. 20, 2020 ,  2 Answers

I work in a restaurant as a sales manager in San Diego. Due to the covid19 situation my hours got reduced and we are about to close for an unknown time. We are being told that managers are not allowed to use our PTO or sick time during this time....

# 12
Can I file for unemployment benefits due to having been let go because of the coronavirus with a special work circumstance?
Asked in Los Angeles,  CA Mar. 19, 2020 ,  1 Answers

I just started working full-time (40 hours/week) for an employer in January 2020 under a temp-to-hire contract through a recruiting firm. My paychecks came weekly and I will get a W-2 from them. I was just let go on Monday because the company laid employees off due to the coronavirus. I earned well ...

# 13
If my wife is a salaried employee in Delaware is she required by law to be paid during this pandemic?
Asked in Dover,  DE Mar. 18, 2020 ,  1 Answers

My wife was just informed today that she should file for unemployment because they are closing because of coronavirus concerns....

# 14
Covid-19 pay false worded promises ?
Asked in New York,  NY Mar. 18, 2020 ,  1 Answers

A statement was released by my employer stating “any employee diagnosed wit Covid-19 OR placed on quarantine would receive up to two weeks pay! However we are now being told you have to be diagnosed to with the virus. Even though the quarantine was doctor ordered after being denied testing stating s...

# 15
My fiancee was just demoted from her manager position because she was sick and had brought doctors notes every time ?
Asked in Lake Isabella,  CA Jan. 12, 2019 ,  3 Answers

My fiancee has been getting terribly sick and has had go to the Er multiple times each time she has her doctors notes and the general manager had wrote her up for being sick shortened her hours and is trying to write her up for anything she can...

# 16
Wrongful termination for medical reasons
Asked in Denison,  TX Dec. 27, 2018 ,  1 Answers

I've been suffering for seven years from a condition that causes excruciating pelvic pain, lower back pain, and fatigue for up to 6 days at a time and is cyclical related to reproductive health issues. The pain affects my ability to walk, stand, sit, and causes urinary urgency and pain if I hold my ...

# 17
Dwi charge without breath test?
Asked in Buffalo,  NY Sep. 19, 2014 ,  11 Answers

My friend was arrested for drunk driving/dwi, but did not take breath test. I dont understand how she can be charged with dwi if the cops cant prove she had alcohol in her body with a breath test--is this legal?...

# 18
What to do during a DUI checkpoint?
Asked in Los Angeles,  CA Sep. 03, 2013 ,  8 Answers

This is a hypothetical story: These past weekend, many drivers were arrested in the San Fernando Valley for DUI. I am not a drinker, but sometimes I need to take medication which may contain a bit of alcohol. So far I have never ran into a DUI checkpoint, but I am afraid my medication can get me in ...

# 19
NJ DWI FAQ's - Part Two
Post On Apr. 18, 2013

8. What should I do if I am asked to take field sobriety tests? There are a wide range of field sobriety tests (FST’s). These tests include heel-to-toe, finger-to-nose, one-leg stand, horizontal gaze nystagmus, alphabet recitation, modified position of attention (Rhomberg), fingers-to-thumb, hand pa...

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